Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Experience (Day4)

I took a minute out of doing my assignment to put up this post. I honestly cannot wait for Friday to come because it isn't comfortable blogging every single day (How do you people even do that?!) I had a fab day today! Woke up this morning and did some talking with God. Listened to a lot of music and finally started reading Philip Yancey's "Disappointment With God" I have only made it past the seventh chapter but I can tell you with confidence that it is a good read and it will be worth all the time you'll dedicate to reading it. I experienced God today in this one verse of Scripture:
We weren’t, you know, just wishing on a star when we laid the facts out before you regarding the powerful return of our Master, Jesus Christ. We were there for the preview! We saw it with our own eyes: Jesus resplendent with light from God the Father as the voice of Majestic Glory spoke: “This is my Son, marked by my love, focus of all my delight.” We were there on the holy mountain with him. We heard the voice out of heaven with our very own ears.
                                                                                              - 2 Peter 1:16-18(MSG)
I can tell you with confidence that I felt God say those words in my heart to me:
This is my daughter, marked by my love, focus of all my delight!
Howwwwwww profound is that?! Let the thought marinate. Just let it sink in while I rush off to complete my assignment. I'm adding a short video that my classmate recorded today in class. The video is ridiculous and is probably going to be a waste of your time but you're going to look at it anyway :) loool. I appreciate you stopping by my blog!

PS forgive me if you find any typos, I was typing and not looking back lol

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