Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Daniel Fast (Day 2)

I did get the memo but I did not read the memo.

I guess the memo had this important piece of information:
  1. You will crave all the food you thought you were over when you are on a fast.
  2. You will happen to be around people that eat the very things you are fasting from
  3. It is not a coincidence that this is happening
I started the Daniel Fast yesterday with a lot of optimism even though grilled chicken was shoved in my face everywhere I went. But when it was time for me to break my fast, I went fruit hunting with my friend and guess what? Yours truly could not find any fruit on the University of Lagos campus.

I was heartbroken and I'm not even joking. 

So, I broke my fast with Suya. :( then I had bread and fried eggs later that evening. But today! I was prepared! I got on my church website to look for workable recipes for the fast, then I went to the market to buy ingredients and I had a fruit salad to break my fast :) Yay me!

I started the JoyDare today and I don't know how to work the thing. Some of the dares look like riddles and I'm not good at riddles. If you're taking the Dare, I would love it if you shared your gifts. That would help me understand it better. I'm not dumb or anything, I just need a little clarification on some things.

I talked to God today like I would a dear, close friend and He listened. Constantly, my thoughts settled on Him, His Beauty and His Word and it brought smiles to my face through today. It was a battle before to keep God and His Word in my mind through my day in the early months of my walk with God and I was hot and bothered. But now, by spending more time soaking up in His Word, I think His thoughts through my day. I'm thankful for that.

I've moved in to campus(I should have mentioned this earlier) and I have 9 other room mates right now. I'm just getting to know these girls and  sometimes it unnerves me because I dunno what kind of people they are. I pray that I can show them what living for God is like.

I have an assignment to turn in tomorrow, I just took some minutes off to journal. Thanks for stopping by :)

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