Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Journal Entry

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages. Not because I didn't want to, but because it seemed like so much work to get on my laptop and type. Considering the fact that I always have so much to say. So today, I ran out of excuses and I grabbed my laptop and started typing. Forgive me if I'm not very coherent in this post.

School has eaten up my social life this week completely. Keep in mind that I haven't been able to do any social networking or instant messaging since my phone was stolen. I have gotten a replacement but I can't do much with it except make calls and receive calls. It's a pretty basic phone and basic is definitely not my thing. Me and a couple of other young people from church who are in my school have two prayer meetings this week concerning the Daniel Fast. We had the second one yesterday and it was very refreshing. Did I say "refreshing"? That isn't the word but my English is failing me here so forgive me. It was such an outpour/downpour of the Holy Spirit in our midst and in our hearts! I couldn't just believe it. By the time I opened my eyes it was dark; a prayer that was suppose to close the meeting that we had that day turned out to be over thirty minutes long. The Holy Spirit just came, grabbed the reins and took charge of the show. I was just blown away. That's what happens when five young people, hungry for God, just get together and let Him run the show. It is His show after all. It was beautiful.

I'm still on the Daniel Fast but I am feeling especially weak today. Please pray with me for strength and perseverance. Still have about ten days of fasting left. And please pray for my finances...I'm at an all time low right about now. Speak/pray down abundance. Thank you!

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