Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Parousia 2013 and other things

Any day before Saturday last week is a blur to me right now. Can't remember the tiny details but I remember that Sunday disappeared before my very eyes. I had an awesome time at church. Pastor Carlton's teaching was on the Holy Spirit and how we Christians are still writing the Book of Acts because we are apostles and the Holy Spirit is working acts in and through us (how awesome is that? Ha!) Then I remember having a meeting with some other volunteer workers for Parousia 2013. It's a workshop for Christians that want to be better acquainted with the Person of the Holy Spirit. We have this School of the Spirit every January. I couldn't attend last year but this year I made up my mind to attend come rain, sunshine, mashed potatoes or a nice pair of heels. If you are in Lagos by any chance, feel free to stop by the Lagos Resource Center from Wednesday to Saturday by 6pm and when you see the cute little lady with bangs and chipped nail polish, don't hesitate to hug me and probably gimme a peck on the cheek (I like that)

What else was I going to say now?

I miss coffee. I'm not even going to lie or front or whatever. I miss holding a mug of hot coffee and flipping pages of my Bible, journal, devotional, or whatever book I'm reading at the time. I cannot wait for Sunday to come so the fast can finally end. All I can say is, Daniel was a strong man. I think it's only fair that I confess here that I had meat yesterday and the only remotely valid excuse I have is that I couldn't find any fruits to buy.

Moving on, I had a test in one of my courses yesterday and my singing wasn't so good. And that makes me sad. Sometimes, studying music makes me sit down and think about my life and what I'm going to do with it when I'm done with school. It's not as easy as I thought it would be and I feel it's harder for me to cope because I didn't know much music theory before I got in to study it. There is nothing elementary about what I do here and sometimes, it overwhelms me. I worry about that a lot. I worry about all the "elementary" I have to learn on my own and I wonder how I can keep up with all of it: school, studying "elementary" stuff on my own, work, writing, life in general. I have been called lazy times and I am tempted to believe that that is what I am or maybe I'm just easily overwhelmed. You can tell by the way I fling the word "overwhelmed" around. My point is, I feel tired. I woke up feeling tired but I had my quiet time for about an hour and a half and it flewwwwww by. I'm not even joking, this flying thing is starting to get to me. And before I knew it, it was an hour to my first class (8:ooam)
I was on my bed, hadn't taken a bath, hadn't brushed and I was am tired. So, yes, I skipped my first class for today. Got on my laptop, did work I should have done last night but didn't because I was tired, got on my Youversion and caught up since I'm about a million days behind, checked emails, read a couple of blogs. After all that, that's when I decided I wasn't going to go to my first class. Just thinking about the rehearsalsss I have to do, the presentation I have today and the calls I have to make to ensure that there is transportation available for students attending Parousia 2013 is making my uneasy in my stomach.

Please pray for strength. Today will be merciless. But most importantly, pray that I dump my Martha heart long enough to have a Mary heart tonight.

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