Friday, 22 March 2013

Yet another journal entry

Please, by all means let us pretend I did not disappear and that I have been blogging regularly. Say, twice a week? Yes thank you! But really you should know now that I am not good at playing pretend so you should also know that I planned many times to blog but my service provider did not think I had should blog for the past two weeks. I'd like to have you believe that I am hanging upside down from the tallest palm tree in this region to blog but then that wouldn't be true. Just get the idea that it's been tough work getting to this point where I am actually typing right now.

Moving on, I got a Liebster award over at my other blog.
No, I don't have MPD I just like to write my stories and poems on a blog separate from my journal blog. My work and my personal life are related but they really aren't the same. Now I'm asking myself why I'm even putting my personal life on the internet anyway *shake your head here*

I wanted my next post to be a vlog of me reading off scripture that I have learned so far on the Romans Project but then I haven't done a video yet and I'm worried my service provider won't gimme enough service to put the video up so I just might do a voice note. I'm still thinking.

My devotional over at SheReadsTruth, Songs of Ascents has been beyond wonderful. Today's the 18th and last day and I'm already slapping my knees in anticipation of the next devotional. Though I don't get the chance to go over to the website to share insights with the other women, I think about them often and wonder what they are like in real life. I've been blessed beyond measure by these women and I wouldn't trade them for anything

My exams are almost over and I am glad I can finally put my feet up again like normal and like they should be put up because they should. I have practicals next week so by Wednesday I can put my head up if I want to *grin*

If you've been reading my blog for awhile now you'd know that I started writing a book in November based on Colossians 3:5-17. For now the title is "Stripped" something better may  come along so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and my ears open just in case God drops a new title in my heart. My life is pretty much all of the illustration material anyone who reads that book will get. I did get to chip in some of my favorite quotes from some of my favorite books and some other books that are about what I will be writing. When my exams officially end, I want to face the book squarely and get much more writing done than I have these past few months. I've been praying for insight and God has been giving me a steady dose of that especially when I least expect. I'm beyond grateful.

In other unrelated but equally important news, my sister's birthday was this week! *fireworks* whoop! Since she couldn't be back in Nigeria for it, I sang her a birthday song and sent it to her. Hopefully she ignored the fact that I just woke up and was sounding more like a frog than the Prima Donna I hoped.

Y'all are probably bored of seeing the same pictures in my Instagram slider. Forgive me, I'm bored too but I can't put up any more pictures till I get another android or an iPhone. I'm stuck with a Blackberry for now so bear with me. It's hard, I know.

Thank you for reading this post till the end! Or skipping paragraphs till the end! I'm just glad you made it to the end! Love y'all! X

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  1. Hi Sweetie! I've missed you my friend, and think of you often. Sounds like your exams went well- I'm glad! Such a busy gal, I'm just glad when I see your posts on SRT and I'm always blessed by your words. I've been struggling a lil bit lately, not really sure why?
    But now I'm springing back to my "normal self", whatever or whomever that may be, Ha!
    My greatest wish would be for all of us to meet up in that beach house you spoke of, and enjoy one another's company, face to face! My #1 Dream is to travel someday. I pray it will come true!
    Take care dear Ibukun. Continued prayers for you and your success at University ! :)