Monday, 29 April 2013

6 things I found that you might like

Hello guys!
A new semester has begun and I can't say that I am particularly excited. I feel like I'm done with school but I'm not. Boo.
Anywho, I had me a pretty restful Saturday and I had time to write. Good news: I've almost finished the first draft of my book (just one chapter left!) and I feel a lot better than I did on Wednesday. The weather is beautiful this morning and it's 26 degrees. "Hazy sunshine", Bing Weather calls it.
I thought I'd share some of my favorite things from this past week and weekend hoping you like them too. I didn't list them in order of importance.

1. Quiet and Small, It's Okay
I read Kelly's post on Wednesday and I found it true, honest and maybe just what I needed to hear. That one picture doesn't have to be Instagram-perfect and maybe my home isn't so Pinteresting but it's mine and I cherish it anyway. And maybe looking like a good-Bible-study-girl shouldn't be my ambition. Maybe BEING a good Bibile study girl should be my ambition. Whether people notice or not. I think you might like to drop by Kelly's corner to read t.

2. In Defense of Mindless Movies: Olympus Has Fallen
Can't remember what day of the week I read this post. But it was written by Wade Bearden for One Theology as a Movie Review of sorts. I'm not going to be dropping any spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie but Wade did make plenny sense in his review. Okay so maybe the plot isn't exactly realistic and maybe it is (in my mind, anyway) it was a movie that was worth the watch just for watching sake. Nothing more. I'm not sure I blinked more than twice through out the movie and I'm almost sure I broke one of my poor friend's fingers from gripping it so tightly. You'd think I was seeing a horror movie! I digress...
Olympus Has Fallen is a great movie but watch it because you want to be entertained. If you're looking for reality in it, it might be hard to find. I mean, Gerard Butler was basically untouched. Not one hair on his head was singed (I've always wanted to say that)

3. Long walks
No. No link here *grin* I started talking walks this past week. In the mornings, I walk round my hostel grounds and in the evenings, I walk to the coffee shop on the other side of campus. Before you bash me for typing "long" before "walks", note that the word "long" is relative. And for someone who hasn't gone jogging or done any "formal" form of exercise since the last she went swimming, I think I'm doing a pretty good job.
You'd like walks too. Trust me. Go watch outdoor to watch the sun set today.Walk slowly, listen to some music, think on the day; the good and the not-so-good, pray if you can. But walk. Walk.

4. Jesus likes crappy gifts
I told you they were in no particular order of importance. I discovered this blog (I guess I could call it that last week and I loved his conversational style of writing. I thought I'd pick one of his most popular posts that I enjoyed so you can read it and like it too. I'd like this site to look like his sometime in the future. Subscribe too if you want :)

5. Christy Nockels, Hillsong and Steve Curtis Chapman
I started listening to Christy Nockels yesterday and I'm kinda stuck on "Song of the beautiful". I think I've listened to it a 100 times between last night and this morning. I rediscovered Hillsong's "Like An Avalanche" last week and Steve Curtis Chapman's "Miracle of the Moment" last week Sunday after Pastor C's message.

 6. The Sanity Manifesto
I haven't felt overwhelmed in awhile and that's about the best thing ever. This 25 point manifesto by Ann Voskamp has helped me in more ways than I can express in words (that I know).

See y'all on Friday! Have a fabulous week.

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