Monday, 22 April 2013

Because we really have to pray

I was not going to blog today but then I woke up to horrible news of the killings in Borno. About 185 people including women and children were murdered Friday night into Saturday morning when there was a clash between the military and the Boko Haram terrorists. I just can't get over the number of people that lost their lives in less than 24 hours. One village in the north...almost completely wiped out. So let us pray. Let us pray for the people that lost their lives in the earthquake in China, let's pray for the people who lost lost ones or got injured in the Boston and Texas bombings, let's pray for Borno state and Nigeria as a whole. And let's be encouraged by the fact that in the midst of all this madness, Jesus holds us and He grieves with us. There will come a day (it's not so far away anymore) when He will wipe our tears away and there won't be any more deaths.

Jesus be near.

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