Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Random Wednesday

I've finished reading Sassy, Single and Satisfied  and I loved every single bit of it. There were times when I felt Miss Hammond kept saying the same thing over and over but it became clear to me that that was necessary especially for people like me that need to hear it over and over. I'll probably read it all over again but not now. Now, I'm reading a book by Thomas Brooks that I will share tomorrow :) I got a lot of "Ah ha" moments and I only just finished the first chapter!

So, on to Random post of the day

1. This picture is from way back. Like, the week I finished my exams. My friends, Seun and Biola, met up for a comedy show. Heaven knows I needed the laughs and I did laugh. I laughed till my belly hurt. Priceless.

2. That wonderful young woman is my friend, Funmi. We bumped into each other on the day I had my last exam and even though I was a tad worried about the exam, we sat for about two hours and talked about everything from boys, to food, to boat cruises, to God, to my exam, to job opportunities, to church. I really didn't want to stop talking to her just yet but I had an exam to prepare for with a promise to meet up for a boat cruise sometime in the new semester. Whoop!

3. Me and friends from my fellowship on campus met up with our Pastor to talk about plans for the next semester, spiritual guidance and stuff. I had me the awesomest latte and lots of laughs with friends and Pastor. Let's do it again ^_^

4. I met up with Bode to catch up on old times (haven't seen him in, like, years) we had coffee and doughnuts together. He had gone to get us doughnuts when I took this picture. He thinks I'm obsessed *grin*

 5. I'm still on the Romans Project. On Monday this week, I put pen to paper and wrote out the verses I have been struggling to   learn  learned. I've been wanting to do a vlog for awhile now but I figured I'd wait till I'm at the end of Chapter 1. I miscalculated and thought I would end Chapter 1 but it's really not until next week. So I'll put it up then. It's been tough but I'm glad I'm doing it because "what a heart knows by heart is what a heart really knows"

6. I started studying the book of Ecclesiastes this week and I intend to take 3 chapters a week. So help me, God.

7. There's this really ah-mazing spoken word video I found awhile ago. Thought I'd share.
Janetter is an absolutely wonderful spoken word artist. She has bars and punchlines and she speaks nothing but the truth. In this video, she speaks my heart.

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