Thursday, 4 April 2013

What I'm Reading: Single, Sassy and Satisfied

I think the title of this book just about says it. It's written by Michelle Mckinney Hammond and it's the first book by her that I'm reading. Before I go on, I just want to say here and now that I am not in any way affiliated with HarvestHouse publishers, Michelle Mckinney Hammond or HeartWing Ministries. I'm just a simple unsuspecting victim who volunteers at her church bookstore after service on Sundays and was stricken with love by this book. Of all the books, I don't know why this particular refused to let go of my attention so I bought it
Though there were things Michelle said in the book that I already knew, there were some that I didn't and some that I needed to be reminded of. I've been taking my sweet time to read the book and I still haven't finished it but there are some "punchlines" that really got me that I'm going to share (spoiler alert!)

  • "Satan wants to destroy your countenance so that you cannot worship God. He wants you to focus on what you don't have so that you can't enjoy what you do have."
Now this one really hit home for me because sometimes I see friends with great Christian boyfriends and I go "I wish I had something like what they have" and I let that put me in a bad mood. And I believe the lies of the Devil that I'm not Christian girlfriend material and I should just give up already. I look away from the beautiful friends that I have, the family that I have, the church that I get to do life with, the people that I get to work with and for and I look to that one thing that I don't have at the moment. Thank You, Jesus, for the wake up call.

  • "Remember, you should have desires but they should not have you"
Ding ding! Hello, Miss Hammond. I believe you are speaking to meh!

  • "...if your stuff isn't together, why would God add to what you already cannot handle? Come on now, think about it. Can He trust you with more if what you already have overwhelms you?"
God clearly is not in the business of joining two overwhelmed people together. That's a sure recipe for disaster.

  • "Love is not about what you can get, it's about what you can give"
I've been saying this to myself all week because it is sooo true. My skewed view of what love should be like (thank you, Hollywood) makes me believe that a man who has his business all together will help me get my business all together. He'll give and I'll get. That's basically how it's supposed to be in my mind. So this wake up call was timely.

  • "If you are always putting yourself down, you are most likely being very critical of others as well."
This doesn't apply to only a relationship with a man. It's applies to all my relationships: family, friends, you name it. I'm quick to praise people when they do right but I'm also quick to give them the 3rd degree when they make promises and don't keep them. When they fall out ofline, Ibukun is there to tell them "I told you so" first before anything else. Stinking habit, I know. I know. I'm working on it. It's how I am with myself too. I beat myself up a lot when I don't fall in line. If I miss a tiny detail, I get very upset. If things don't go the way I plan in my mind exactly? I get very very upset. To me it's not just "a little mistake" it's "the ultimate betrayal"

  • "There is a time to learn and experience the beauty of being alone. It's in the alone time that we get to know ourselves. All we need, want, and don't want"
And here I was thinking that it's when I'm in a relationship that I know to say "this isn't for me". Ever since I started dating about three years ago. I don't think I've ever been out of a relationship for longer than a month. The theme song of my life before I became a believer used to be Beyonce's "Irreplaceable". There was always some guy waiting in line to spoil me silly. I just did not know how to be alone and actually enjoy it. I'm learning this year. I'm learning to enjoy God, to be satisfied with His love, to enjoy my friendships, to be genuinely happy for a particular friend of mine whenever he says he's getting back with his ex or getting with someone new. I want to be truly happy and satisfied alone knowing that God is preparing a fine young man for me. A man that will love God with everything that he's got. So I will wait. And I will learn to be alone but not lonely. If you're in a waiting/learning to be alone season like me, you want to hop over to Living Proof Ministries blog now to read Lindsee's post and if you could spare a little time, do hop over to Paige Knudsen's blog to wish her sweet husband Dan a happy birthday. If you're reading a book right now, I'd like to know which and what you're learning from it :)

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