Monday, 20 May 2013

All you really need

Sometimes all you need to do to get up and go is one word. One word to motivate you to work, one word to motivate you to get up and go, one word to keep your head above the water
One darn word
Okay, sometimes maybe three. For me it was: first things first
I’m writing this on Friday afternoon after a nice little nap and a large bowl of noodles and I felt pretty much useless until I finally whipped my laptop out to get to writing. It just so happened that this week I was put in the Advanced Harmony class because I kinda know about harmony than my classmates and it all seems so ironical to me because outside of class, when you ask me to practically harmonise something you’re singing, there’s a stopper in my throat and I’m suddenly tone deaf. Yet, I’m doing great in Tonal Counterpoint class. I’m doing so great that Mr Carter-Cohn moved me to advanced harmony. First class we had this week; I kept asking myself what I was doing there because I was I was lost more than half the time and the five other guys(yes, guys) were lost more than half the time so I was pretty comfortable in my lostness. Class ended and I knew I had to do my homework (no, not the truckload of stuff Mr Carter gave us to do over the weekend) Anyway, classes this week have been great. I missed two because I did not have the complete timetable but I have made a couple of adjustment and I think I’m ready for next week. Let me at it.
I’m still on my Twitter holiday and heaven knows I did not ever think that I could make it this long without the thing. Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever thought that there might be a handful of things that are impossible with God, lemme tell ya, there is nothing. Absolutely nothing.At the beginning of the month when I tried it, I thought my life was over but it wasn’t and it still isn’t. As a matter of fact, I feel a lot better, a lot more productive and I feel like I’m making better use of my time and experiences than I used to. Heck, I think I lost weight and my grins these days are wider. Life is good, people. I had this darling smoothie while I was waiting to meet up with a friend earlier this week. It was darling I tell ya. I don’t know what was thrown into that cup because I wasn’t looking and I didn’t want to find that there was going to be a fruit I didn’t like in the thing. 

I called my dada on Thursday (it must have been Thursday) because I miss him and I wanted to hear his animated just-got-out-off-church voice. Our conversation went like this:
Me: Hello dadddyyyyyy!
Dada: Hello Ibukun. How are you?
Me: I’m great, daddy. How are you?
Dada: I’m good. What, you need money?
Can’t a girl call her dad up to just say hello to him? I don’t even understand. I mean, sometimes I genuinely miss him and not his wallet, nam’saying? Okay, I actually planned to ask him for money today but I wanted to say hi to him first before saying hi to his wallet. It just seemed like the right thing to do.
I didn’t mention it to y’all earlier but I’m going natural. I stop putting relaxers in my hair since January and I don’t intend to ever again. Credit should be given to my darling friend, Tomi, at this point because without her I wouldn’t be using the word “natural” so much. Last week Saturday after I saw Iron Man 3 (it was ah-mazing!!!! 4 stars out of 5, guys) I took my hair by the horns, moisturized with olive oil and water, detangled, shampooed, conditioned with mayonnaise and honey, towel dried, moisturised with Shea butter and did it up in bantu knots for the night. Unfortunately, the bantu knots did not quite work out for my weak and relaxed hair so I detangled the mess and packed my hair up for church. 

I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with the hair at the time I’m writing this but I’m hoping I can get it done today because…tomorrow is Family Fun Day (FFD) at The Highlife Church! Can I get an “amen”, somebody?! *grin* and I’d be bummed by the time I get back.
I wasn’t overwhelmed this week guys. *applause* I worked through the stressful moments and I did not feel like I was sucked into the widening gyre. Wanna know how? When you feel like you’re drowning and you’re overwhelmed and you can’t take in your next breath, reach for the Bible and drown yourself in that.
It works every time. It’s been tested and proven.
You want to keep your 25-point SanityManifesto around if you don’t already have it. That’s a great pick-me-up on difficult days and on easy, peachy days aka every day.

See y’all on Monday! Have an amazing weekend!

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