Friday, 3 May 2013

Yay! It's Friday!

I haven't exactly had a busy week. I think it's going to be my last restful and care-free week in awhile. Lectures are officially starting this coming week and I'm trying to work up some excitement. It's hard but a girl's gotta try.

So because I don't really have much to blog today I'm just going to talk about my book and the weather.
So the weather this week has been crayy undulating between very cold (okay not so cold) and very hot. Goes from 26 degrees to feels-like-420but-actually-33 degrees. And this fragile body of mine has not been liking it. Some days, I'd just wake up and wish the weather would make it it's mind about what it wanted to be already. But then, God is in charge of that and He has my kind of sense of humor. It's understandable. It's wonderfully sunny today and I'm contemplating going to the pool. But then this fragile body of mine (such a cage ugh) really wants to have a nice ling afternoon nap. My spirit and soul is having none of that. The body has to fall in line (know what I'm saying? Yah)

I think I mentioned in my last post that my writing has been going well. I'm glad. I have contacted CrossBooks (a division of B&H) concerning publishing and I'm pretty excited. Actually I contacted them since last year but I'm still excited anyway. I've got a check-up mail from them already asking how the first draft is going. And it warmed my heart because it came at a moment I was beginning to despair. I haven't really looked at the cost of publishing or even having an editor on the team look through my work yet. And to be honest I don't want to worry about that for now. Still have to go back to the drawing board about the book and what publishing firm to choose. I do have a soft spot for B&H but I'm worried sick about expenses. So for now, I'm just not going to think about any of that. I'll just through all I've got into finishing what was started and praying to finish well.

Did I mention that it's the perfect weather for swimming but that I'm afraid I'll fall asleep in the pool because I feel so tired?

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