Saturday, 22 June 2013

Here's why I love my dad

I’ve never really written any post for any member of my family on here before. This will be my first and it’s about my sweet, kind father. Since it was Fathers’ Day this past week and my dad’s birthday is this coming weekend it just seemed appropriate to write something about my dad.
at my graduation from secondary school

One of the earliest memories I have of my dad was him getting Seyi (my immediate elder brother) and I to memorise titles of books of the Bible. At the time I was memorising it just to impress him it turned out that it helped me find books of the Bible faster than girls my age whenever I wanted to read at church. It made my dad’s heart swell with pride as I was almost always first to read. Some ten, twelve years down the line I’m grateful my dad got me to memorise them.
I remember sitting in front of my dad at the dining table to watch him eat. Not like the food in itself was remarkable because for some time growing up, our food was anything but remarkable. I just loved to put my chin in my palm to watch him chew tatashe dipped in salt, gulped down with garri. He was content. My dad never complained about what was set before him in front of any of his kids. My father taught me to be grateful. My father taught me that when it’s difficult to be grateful, don’t complain.

I love watching my father and mother (of blessed memory) run around the house like young lovers. Seyi and I would run behind them laughing and in love with the fact that our parents were in love. It was beautiful. Of course, my parents had arguments in front of us but they loved each other in front of their kids too. And because of them, I have an idea of what marriage should look like.

I love that my dad hollered “That’s my girl!” at my primary school graduation while I read my speech as Head Girl. I love that he let me overdose on cotton candy that day too. I love that he drove miles and miles to my graduation at Louisville and still showed up with the widest grin in the world. I love that my dad didn’t freak out when I cut my hair, dyed and put highlights in it much to step mom’s disapproval.  I love that my dad was worried sick when I had to have surgery. I love that he stayed till anaesthesia wore off, held my hand all the way to the car and drove his women, my step mom and I, home at 11pm after a long torturous day at the hospital. I love that my dad prays for me. I love that he gives all that he has and all that he is for me and for my siblings. I love that my dad turns 72 on the 24th of this month and he looks way younger than other men his age. I love that my dad loves the Lord. I adore that my dad still studies his worn, dog-eared Bible every morning with a steaming cup of tea in his hand.  I love that I’m John Akinnawo’s daughter and I love that because of my father, I have an idea of what God’s love for His children looks like. I can’t say that my father is the best father in the world because there are definitely countless other women out there that think the world of their fathers. I’m just going to say that my father is the best father for me and I’m glad that every day I wake up and get to be his daughter. Thank you for being my daddy, daddy! You’ll always be my love…my very first love.
dad and sis


  1. Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Thank God for your dad

  2. Oh Ibukun! How very beautiful and touching!! Your Dad sounds like a wonderful man. He certainly taught his daughter many wise and important things. And I would venture to say he is incredibly proud of his daughter- the very sweet Ibukun, who is not only intelligent but also talented, a young lady of great faith.
    God bless you and your dear Dad! He did a wonderful job raising you Honey, praying all is well with you! :)

  3. IbukunAkinnawo15 May 2014 at 12:44

    thank you, Ellen! You said to give you a shout if Disqus finally works on here. It did! Whoop! \(^_^)/