Monday, 22 July 2013

20 things I want to do before I turn 21

all dolled up before a photoshoot on Friday

So I FINALLY turned 20 on Monday last week and I can’t exactly say that I went out to paint the town red because I didn't (I think turquoise is a mighty fine colour actually) I was indoors for most of that day overeating, replying birthday texts, making “awww” sounds when I got voice notes and when friends called to sing to me. I got a new patent leather bag, jewellery and money that I'm more than grateful for. I mentioned last week that I had an interview at Genevieve magazine and I went for it. From what they initially said was going to be a few questions, I ended up spending 35 minutes of my life in that office answering questions that I had NOT prepared for. *Chuckle* it was challenging to say the least and I was surprised that I answered all the questions calmly (thank God for prayers!) the one thing that I did not have sorted out, however, is what I'm going to do if the strike gets called off during the time I will be working at Genevieve if I end up getting picked. *birds chirping* I didn't have an answer for that. Just hope and faith that the strike wouldn't get called off soon.  Now I don’t even know if that is the right thing to pray *chuckle*
Anyway, my friends Kovie and Tomi came up with lists of stuff they wanted to do before they grew a year older and I thought it was a great idea and I decided to come do it here. It’s difficult not to go overboard with stuff like this and write “Get million-dollar job. Visit all the exotic countries in the world. Walk on the moon” so I'm just going to write things that I really believe I can do this year. Here goes:

  •  Work out at least 3 days a week (already started this)
  •     Read 50 new books
  •      Buy a new phone
  •      Save up for a DSLR
  •       Find a modelling agency
  •       Fast for 21 days
  •       Change the design of this blog
  •        Do the big chop on my hair
  •        Call my grandma every two weeks
  •    Take MUSON grade 3-5 exams for the violin
  •    Take MUSON grade 5 music theory exam
  •    Take MUSON grade 3-5 exams for voice
  •    Add at least one new item to my wardrobe every month
  •    Memorise Ephesians 1 and 3
  •    Break a habit
  •    Call my dad every  week
  •    Blog here honestly and faithfully twice a week
  •    Get direction from God concerning NehemiahProject Prayermobs
  •    Finish third year with nothing less than a 2:1
  •    Give Aphroden my very best.
It was difficult coming up with this list, I won’t even lie but I'm glad I've got a whole year to get it all sorted. God willing, by this time next year, I’ll blog about how I ticked everything off this list one by one.

Do you have a bucket list of stuff you want to do before you become a year older? I’d love to hear about it! You can share it in the comment box or send me a link to your blog so I can read it. So fun!

P.S Celebrating femininity, sacred romance and a little bit of heaven will start tomorrow. I cannot wait to share real and relatable stories with you by women like me and you!


  1. You should go for the africa's next top model search tomorrow
    oh and the blog is looking good ;;)

    1. Oh I totally should! I owe the new look to you, babe! Thanks a lot :')

  2. IbukunAkinnawo15 May 2014 at 12:44

    Thanks! I owe the new look to you babe. Goodluck today :)