Friday, 12 July 2013

5 links for a happy weekend

I know all too well now that when I am in the mood to write, I should get up and write because I probably won’t feel like writing in ages after that.

For reasons beyond me, lecturers all over Nigeria are on strike and probably will be for the next three months if the government does not grant their request. So this young lady decided it was time to hunt for a new job during the 3 months I won’t be in school. Esther told me about an IT opportunity at Genevieve magazine and I figured “Hey, what do I have to lose?” So I whipped out my CV from the bottom of the chest I kept it in and sent it. I got a response the same day and will be going for an interview next week Monday (which also happens to be my birthday!) so I'm praying that that goes well. I found a handful of stuff I thought y’all might like this past week seeing as I have had more than enough time to loiter the internet since I haven’t been having lectures.

The first one, I found on Brain Pickings about chasing your dreams and settling for less than what you want because you’re afraid of the unknown and you’re scared your dream is just as big as you imagined it to be. It’s an amazing read and it may just be the push someone out there needs in the right direction.
Up until this week, I did not know what TED talks were and thanks to this compilation on Mashable, I writing about 15 of the mostinspiring TED talks there are out there. These TED talks are nothing short of inspiring and educative. Watch all 15, maybe?

Scripture memory became a new thing for me at the beginning of this year and to be honest up until I joined the Romans Project, I didn't think I could memorise a handful of verses for the life of me but here I am memorising chapters and thanking God that I'm doing what I never thought I could manage. Here are 10 passages from the Bible that you really want to know with your heart because “what a heart knows by heart is what a heart really knows.” You can write them on little cards to carry around with you, taking one or two new verses a week. Reading them aloud to yourself in the moments you desperately need to hear truth.

Do you like Brooke Fraser, Sara Groves or just good ol’ alternative music? Then you’ll love Audrey Assad and a new single off her 2013album Fortunate Fall. Audrey is giving away ‘Good to Me’ and ‘Come Thou Fount’ for free! You can support Audrey by leaving a tip of 3 dollars or by giving her a thumbs-up on her Twitter.

Depression happens to everyone once in a while. No, I’m not talking about sadness. I mean depression. Even Jesus had to fight depression while He was in a physical body. Here are the six ways Jesus fought depression. I can guarantee that they will work. They worked for Jesus (I mean, look at Him now!) and they sure will work for you.
Have an amazing weekend, people! Live slow, laugh hard, love deeply, grant grace and give thanks.

‘Celebrating femininity, sacred romance and a little bit of heaven’ will begin as soon as I get the last post from the girlfriends. Stay tuned and tell someone about it, maybe. Nehemiah Project Prayermobs will meet as planned by 12pm on July 15th. Do spread the word.

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