Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Celebrating femininity, sacred romance and a little bit of heaven: Tomi

We met on Valentine's Day this year through another great friend, Tokunbo, and after a couple of sleep overs, blue bunny ice cream, scrambled eggs, late night conversations and one Bible Study I can confidently say that she is ah-mazing. Though we joke about it often, I'd really love to travel and visit exotic places with her sometime soon. Ladies and (possibly gentlemen), feel free to settle in, read and enjoy a little bit of Tomi's heart. 

Have you ever met a guy who was in love with the sound of his voice? Well, Mr. A was, abeg how will I be struggling with you to get one word in, one word o, talk less of a full sentence? Na so so listen and nod like agama.
In comes Mr. B, he got me, mehn it was like he could see through the front I present to the real me. Then my smart-ass big “brother” told him my dad would never approve of him/us so he backed off. Wimp, wuss, coward, all I can say is thank you Lord, that’s how kasala will burst and I’ll look to my side and see that man pikin is nowhere to be found.
Mr. C pursued, chased, pushed, all join, and so we happened, but it wasn’t easy at all, we clicked for a few milliseconds and the rest was a rocky road. And so it happened that I was back to the drawing board again.
On to Mr. D, we got on like cake and ice cream or so I thought, until he brought out ring and asked, not for my hand in marriage, but for my opinion and advice.
Like ships that pass in the night, subject to the waves of life
We meet and drift past, in search of our lighthouse
I can tell tales for days of crushes, relationships, near-misses but I won’t. All I’m saying is Dear Future Husband (DFH) please hurry and make yourself known. All this raising and dashing of hopes is not good for a body.
I kid, just a little, DFH will show up at the right time, and not a minute before. Oh yeah, so just in case you didn’t realize it yet, I’m currently single. I’m tired of all those funky phrases “single and searching” “single and ready to mingle” who comes up with these things?
Ehen, so let me start my ‘tory, yes all the above was just introduction. Most girls dream of meeting Mr. Right, falling in love and happily ever after. Please note that I said “girl” before you come after me with tales of gold diggers and all what not.
Prince Charming to the rescue, my heart his reward
To the victor the spoils and my arm in marriage
I was no different, but it was also drummed into my ears not to casually date but remain godly and marriage-minded. Here’s the thing though; no one told me what to do when I developed crushes, met hot guys or started having feelings for my friends. No one is immune to these things, at most you have thicker skin or a strong shield in place.
Taught to tread right and fear sheep look-alikes
But never to handle the Casanova and his charm
Butterflies in my tummy, drawn like a bee to honey
Emotions are fickle, at least mine are, but thankfully I'm blessed to have someone on my side who knows what’s best for me and is not averse to throwing bolts when I ignore the gentle warning nudges. I learnt to be very open with God, got this from reading David’s words, when I'm mad, glad, sad, or charmed, it all comes pouring out. Openness with God has got me through many a rough patch; words can’t describe the peace that comes after a good heart cry, rant or gist session.
Back in secondary school, I asked God to protect my heart till the right person comes with the password, I only just remembered that request while writing this and I see how this has kept me.
Toes dangling precariously over the edge
Passion burns, Christ saves
So I run to Him when my heart goes gbim-gbim
I discovered some of the joys of being a woman when I entered university after being secluded in an all-girls’ school and boy was that a rush to the head. I was a bit of an ugly duckling in secondary school, and so it was refreshing not being the socially inept girl sitting in the corner who was never invited to parties. I might have abused it just a wee bit but I've repented now. I've been blessed with amazing friends and given access to a world of opportunity, it would be a waste for me to sit still and not explore and so I do, living life as vicariously as I can.
Tossing aside the fear of the unknown
For it’s a bummer to regret the road not taken
On days like this, I ponder on God’s goodness, His vastness, His love and I'm in awe. I'm far from perfect but I'm just right for Him as I am. I'm learning to love and accept me, to enjoy spending time with myself on this journey. There have been pits and castles, doubts, fears and many a tear but here I am, still standing and victorious, and for that I'm thankful.
Made of sugar, and spices with a dash of flexi steel
Living this life with glee and just a hint of salt
Till it all comes to a glorious halt

Tomi tweets at @SisiJacobs and  is always more than ready to give you advice on how to manage your natural hair,  talk about God and other interesting things. Yes, that is an actual mohawk *grin*


  1. Well lookie here... I get mentioned and instead of being invited in to feel at home, I'm turned away. Is this some sort of feminist lounge? Ehn?

    I'll just sit over hear at the back and pretend like I'm not here. Feel free to pretend too... ( ._.)

  2. IbukunAkinnawo15 May 2014 at 12:44

    You're absolutely welcome. I'm glad this post was timely for you. I'm sure Tomi's glad too :D

  3. IbukunAkinnawo15 May 2014 at 12:44

    Loool! I figured you were just trolling. You're always welcome here, babes :)

  4. Awesome. I thought this was me for a moment. Waiting for the rest.

  5. "Honest to God"... That's the only way to have a real relationship with Him mehn. Bare it all. I love this. I love you, Tomi. :-D

  6. Love this post! Being open with God in ALL of our emotions is so very important! I needed that reminder. Thank you for sharing your lovely friend with us :)

    God Bless!