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Celebrating femininity, sacred romance and a little bit of heaven: Gbemi

Gbemi is married to a great guy and is mama to 3 little ones, but she still makes out time to tweet sometimes funny, sometimes sobering thoughts that I can almost always relate. She enjoys being a wife, mother, daughter of God and she's on my blog today, ending the series, more than willing to be honest about motherhood. 

If anyone had asked me before last month if it was okay to let a 5 year old fly unaccompanied, my answer would have been an emphatic NO!
Who does that?!
Well, I did. Or rather, we did.

Letting our 5 year old son, Nathan, fly unaccompanied to the US from Nigeria was a choice we had to make last month. It wasn't an easy choice, but our options were limited. We had to choose between the 7,000 mile flight on one hand and giving up his admission into the school we had been trying (and failing) to get him into for the past two years on the other.

That choice, and the events that followed had a profound effect on me. 

At first I was scared.

"He's only 5." I thought to myself. "Will he be okay? Is this a good choice? What if ____ happens?

I went to God with my fears and He reminded me of that verse of scripture, "except The Lord watches over a city..."
Convinced that even in my company, The One who really keeps and watches over my children is God, I let go of my fears. Not completely, I must confess, but enough to keep it together outside, while I struggled on the inside.

Fast forward to 2 weeks later.
We went to pick Nathan up as soon as we arrived. Straight from airport. 
I hugged him so tightly, he went "ugh! Muuummmy, enough!"
Me: "I missed you sooooo much!"
Him: I missed you too, but can you stop squeezing me now?
Me: oh! ^_^

My baby is all grown up. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Happy. Sad. Glad. Jealous...

He didn't need me as much as I thought he should have.

He loved summer school, wouldn't stop talking about how cool his new school is, and how he'd been having a good time without me.

Without me?!!

The world didn't come to an end? 

Mummy is not indispensable after all. 

Without me, my munchkins would be fine. Without me, the whole world would be fine.

Class: Get-over-yourself 101

Lesson learned.

Class:  Never-say-never 101

Lesson learned.

There are other lessons, I'm sure. Would you be kind enough to point them out please?

Gbemi tweets at @Gbemisoke and blogs at (Re)Writing My Own Narrative when she gets alone time. Follow her for your recommended daily allowance of down to earth-ness :-D

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