Friday, 30 August 2013

Girl Behind The Blog: Travel

I'm linking up with Ashley and Annie for this month's GBTB vlog. It's my second time linking up and I'm a little less nervous about having conversations with my gadgets. *grin*

You are not alone in this, Ashley! Youtube picked out the most ridiculous thumbnail for me too!


  1. hehehe.. love how you speak... And i LOVE your dentition beautiful imperfections.

    I'm having a girl crush right now.

  2. Thank you!!! This is my blushing face ^_^

  3. Oh youtube... why do you pick these screenshots ;-) I do also like to look out the window on my trips and just see what real life looks like.

    And, oh, I so wish you could come to influence, too!

  4. So fun that you were able to road trip to Benin! I love the sounds and sights of the road, too; it's my favorite part of traveling by car!

    I SO wish you were able to come to this year's Influence! Maybe next year?!

  5. Maybe next year! God willing :) Have fun for both of us :)