Wednesday, 18 September 2013

3 Practical (and easy) ways to grow spiritually

Today I'm just going to share what my quiet time with God is like and hope that you're inspired to make your time with God memorable every single day. I admire people who have routine with their quiet time and stick to it religiously (I really do) but I've quickly learned from trial and error that routine with God leaves me feeling like I've accomplished a hard task instead of leave me feeling like I had communicated with Someone. I hate that. So I switch up sometimes. In school, I'd listen to worship music (first thing in the morning at the crack of dawn while my room mates were still asleep) while making my coffee then settle in to pray and study. This would usually take me an hour. On days I didn't have any morning classes, I would go jogging while listening to worship music or an audio Bible then pray and study after my work out.
Since I've been at home for awhile, I haven't been able to go jogging as I would like and waking up earlier than family devotion is basically keeping vigil. So I do ten minutes of Wholyfit stretches right after family devotion, make my coffee/tea then settle in to pray and study. This takes me about 30/45 before I rush off to work. The settling in to study time looks like this:

1. I open the SRT website on my Blackberry and read the Bible passages for that day.

I try to read the passage two or three times slowly. Making notes in my journal and highlighting verses or sentences that speak to me. Then if I'm dealing with a passage of Scripture that is far removed from the culture I'm used to, I use my Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary or Matthew Henry Concordance. Those are my primary Bible study tools and they have been very helpful. You can get them for free on the Olive Tree Bible App.

2. I share insights with other believers. 

I believe that this part is very important for Bible study. I do this either by leaving a comment on the SRT site or by texting my friends that are doing the devotional I'm doing too. It's also helpful because they can share insights that they get with you too. That way you're blessing and being blessed. WIN-WIN
You can do this physically if you're not exactly into virtual Bible study. Meet up with friends often to discuss what God has been showing you in His Word.

3. Meditate.

I try to pick a verse daily that speaks to me and meditate on that verse throughout my day. I usually tweet the verse first thing everyday to keep myself accountable and also to inspire my followers. Muttering the verse to myself makes the verse mean more to me than just a good quote. Plus, this is a fun way to memorise Scripture. You may decide to write out the verse you pick on a sticky note and paste it somewhere you will frequently see it during your day. You may also choose to pick a verse weekly, monthly, etc. Just make sure it works for YOU.

If you're going to achieve anything spiritually, spending time with God in prayer and Bible study daily is not optional. Your quiet time (and eventually your spiritual growth) should never depend on how you feel. It shouldn't depend on the weather either. Just work out a plan for your quiet time that works for YOU (I can't stress this enough)

What does your time with God look like? 


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  1. Hmmm.. What does my time with God look like? Everytime is my time with God.

    But reading this ehen... I feel like i'm not doing jack. Lol
    anyways, i wake up and play tye tribbett's newest album (greater than) and listen to other songs too. Sing my way to the shower.

    I just started saying a short prayer before i go to work, getting to work i read through my Bible.. didn't have a devotional till recently(she reads truth) I just read my bible as the spirit leads.

    I may not "pray" alot, but one thing i do is converse with God throughout the day... i've grown so accustomed to is, something happens and i go "Lord, did you see that?" I'm talking to God on the streets aloud.. I started because i wanted to get rid of the notion of "this is the way to pray" and i am glad i am used t it now. Its so refreshing - keeps you God conscious.

    I won't call this easy way to grow, because its really not as easy as we might think. Some days i struggle to even open my Bible, but sure spending quality time in the word does make us grow spiritually. I am working to get better at consistency. God help us.

  2. Love the "everytime is God time" idea! I think I want to do that too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the idea of having frequent conversations throughout the day--afterall, it is what you do with a best friend. It's difficult sometimes to pray (at least to find the right words), a conversation makes it easier. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello Sarah!

    I LOVE that you're in a Facebook group that's studying the same as you are. For me, nothing beats discussing The Word with others. Yes to great worship music. Kari Jobe and Mercyme come HIGHLY reccomended but that's an entire post on it's own.
    I think you just inspired me.

  5. Holly @ The Young Museum20 September 2013 at 07:25

    I cannot tell you how much I needed this this morning and how much your words have helped me in the past (from She Reads Truth). I just found your comment on my blog (from June) where I quoted you...I hope that was ok...hehee. You are "famous" in my eyes, girl! ;) Sorry it was overlooked for so long!

    I am a new Instagram follower (hollysoyoung) and just added your blog to my bloglovin' account...I also just downloaded the Olive Tree App...awesome!

    I just think you're one fantastic lady! :) Have a great weekend! Holly

  6. Oh my heart, Holly! Good to see you back to blogging! Adding you to my bloglovin list too :D
    Glad to be a part of SRT and super glad I could be an encouragement to you. Have a restful weekend!