Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Social Statement

I'm excited to have my friend, Ashlee Chu sharing on my blog today! I've been stalking following Ashlee for close to three months and have been blessed by her insights on business, social media and life in general. Here's what she chose to share with me and you lovely people today! Enjoy!

When I pull out my phone and click on my social apps, I usually log on to see what’s going on (of course). When I post my own photo, status, or tweet it depends on a few factors: I first decide if it is something I want to share publicly and then how I want to go about sharing that.  I think of these two things on a regular basis because I am committed to sharing life in tangible and encouraging ways. In other words, I want to make a positive social statement.
All too often we point our phones, snap the picture, and share it without letting our fingers skip a beat.  Or we write a draft blog post for pure emotional release and end up hitting publish without being cautious of whom and how we speak of others. It tells us, we don’t mind if we share something, we don’t mind if it hurts someone, we don’t mind if it is embarrassing – we just don’t mind. The lack of thought is a social statement in itself.
That is the statement we should avoid. The statement we should make through our social accounts can still be fun, silly, engaging, inspiration or random. Our social lives should help and encourage others, not make them feel offended, embarrassed, or aggravated.
Take a careful exploration of what you share, how you share it, and why you share it. For the next time you get social, here are three questions to ask yourself to make sure you make the best social statement:
What are you sharing?
Are you sharing a photo of your crazy day, of memories, yourself or the great scenery? Be sure to not share something that is inappropriate or hurtful.
How are you sharing it?
Remember that the intent behind being social is to engage, not be destructive with our words or photos.
Why are you sharing it?
It’s always fun to share things to be silly, encouraging, or helpful. Even when you’re feeling overwhelmed or need help from others, there is no harm done with sharing a bit about what is weighing on you to ask others for prayer. What you need to watch out for however, is sharing to obtain validation from views, likes, and comments.
Know that the value in the life you live and how you share it are important. Join me as I commit myself to making positive social statements.

Ashlee Chu is a friend on a mission to generate encouragement and inspire action for better online and offline lives. She thrives on living room conversation and you can always find her neck-deep in projects. You can expect friendly conversations surrounding business, faith, and life. You can find her on Twitter, connect with her on her blog and follow her on Instagram!

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