Tuesday, 22 October 2013

An experimental mutiny against imbalance

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Crying has a therapeutic effect on me. I can’t speak for everyone else so I’ll say it has that effect on just me. Last night, in the pool of my own tears (I’ve always wanted to say that) I told Kovie that I wanted to wake up today as someone else. I’d finally had enough of sucking it up and acting like I was Barbie. Well, I didn’t wake up in someone else’s body or anything Hollywood-ish but I woke up with a plan and not another to-do list. And I said to myself, “Self, something has to change.” It’s not as glamorous as a well-written movie script but it’s just right for me and I hope that I can follow through.

So here’s the thing: I’m a 20 year old who has zero style and zero control over the money she earns. Oh and zero control over her diet. I’m constantly oscillating between too much and too little—in everything. ‘Everything’ being exercise, keeping in touch, social media, diet, school, work, shopping, finances and living the truth I read in God’s Word every morning. Okay I can never have too much of that last part. I just want to be able to have truth I’ve meditated on in the morning throughout my day. I usually remember it till I walk out my front door and get sucked into MS Word pages and Orchestra classes. I hate that. I hate that my life these past few years has been a balancing act on the edge and on one foot. I’m tired of falling into something—or someone. And I’ve decided I want to live intentionally with both feet planted solidly on the ground.

I began reading Jen Hatmaker’s 7 about her experimental mutiny against excess in 7 areas of her life. I liked the thought/idea and I’ve decided to do something similar over the next 9 months. The only way I can follow through is to be accountable to someone or a group of people (and my readers came to mind). I will be accountable in real-life to Kovie, Tomi, Tomi^2 (hehe) and Moyin. They don’t know it yet but they will as soon as I can get to IM-ing. Here’s the plan:


Save up for new laptop, influence conference, dslr (might have to pick one. Please don’t make me pick)

Save just for  saving sake

Be a busy budgeting mama and do not run out of cash before the end of each month

Social media

Follow only people I want to avoid irrelevant and unnecessary clutter on timeline

Stay logged out of Twitter apps when not in use

Tweet quality over quantity


Stay off carbonated drinks for a month

Actually plan what to eat everyday

Eat stuff other than noodles and shortbread

Keeping in touch

Call a friend or relative everyday

Meet up with friends on the weekend

Reward self when I follow through

>Living truth

Memorising Scripture (Ephesians 1 and 3)

Set reminders on phone to re-read what was studied in the morning


Discovering personal style and sticking to it

Adding at least 5 new items to wardrobe every month

Bargain-hunt and pre-plan buys


Run 3 times a week

Do stretches on no-run days


Study for an hour everyday

Practise an hour on each instrument 3 times a week



Plan to work on lecture-free days and actually work

So there’s my plan. I will be focusing on one aspect every month for the next 9 months and keeping you updated on progress once a week. Want to experiment and modify anything on this list? Feel free to! I’d love to hear how you’re fighting excess, clutter or imbalance in your life. Leave me a comment, let’s talk!


  1. Oh dear, this is such a lovely plan! I've been feeling like this lately; like I need to take control of my life. I'm definitely joining you on this journey and I wish you success! :)

    1. Thank you for your encouragement and for joining in, Afoma! Can't wait to get started!

  2. Lol…It is always green on the other side. I wish I could show emotions like that. I secretly admire women who can cry.

    1. My tear glands always work overtime. Very hardworking ducts :)

  3. This is such a phenomenal idea! I totally understand where your coming from in the balancing act, I have found I go through a cycle: my life is good, everything is organized, then I add more, and then I get lazy, and then things get jumbled up, and then it always ends up with a mental break down. I have attempted breaking the cycle but have failed most times. The few times it has worked, I reflect on what DID make it work, and I see those were the times I looked to God to carry me through. I should just realize from the start I need him. Every hour I need him (great song by the way). Right now with so much going on, I believe God is calling me to change some things around, which will be him working on me and changing me and my heart into a pure one! Thanks letting yourself be vulnerable and inspiring, helping me to do the same. - Sara H.

    1. Your comment made me smile today. Thank YOU for sharing your personal experience with me, Sara! And thank you for reading!