Sunday, 27 October 2013

In which I seek permission to disappear

I still don't understand how my Sunday zoomed by after a really beautifully slow Saturday. I was indoors throughout allowing myself be obsessed and fawned over by my dad, chewing on Ibuprofen for my cramps and feeding on God's Word. I feel way better now as I type this Sunday night and cannot wait to take on the new week.

Getting myself to do Friday's vlog was a battle I wasn't ready to fight. Writing this week isn't something I feel I can properly do. I've given it some thought and have decided that I would rather not write anything than write a waste of your time. I truly truly appreciate you for finding time to come here and read some of my heart in this space. Your kind words and encouragement are what keeps me going some days. And knowing that someone is reading this blog and learning something from it makes my heart glad.
I'd really love for you to give me permission to disappear from here for a week to focus on my job (about to become plural), school rehearsals and on making real life memories.
I'd love to connect with you on Instagram if we're not already friends there! I'll be sharing photos as usual (that much I can do)

Don't forget to subscribe(or follow on Bloglovin) if you haven't already. Breathe deep, linger for longer, rest in His love and have an amazing week!

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  1. Permission granted! But don't stay away too long!

    1. I promise not to! I love this space too much

  2. Have a great week away :) <3
    I Love your blog so please don't step away for too long!

  3. Stopping by from the Life Lately Link Up at Wild and Precious...

    I completely understand your need to "disappear" for a week or so. It's an admirable thing to pull back rather than force your writing. Take the time you need and then come back when you're feeling refreshed and ready.

    Blessings! {}

  4. Oh sweet girl! You know you have my permission! I have been away for longer periods of time without even realizing it! I am trying to get back to my blog a little at a time. Hopefully, soon I will begin writing again.
    Don't get too busy to focus on the Lord and His work in you!