Monday, 14 October 2013

Life lately 1.3

I'm linking up with Blair today!

This past week, my stomach developed a new unfriendly reaction to anything with coffee in it.

I'd be fine all day then at night, my stomach would keep me awake and uncomfortable, frequently visiting the toilet. I finally gave in and stopped having it (for now) and have been able to sleep better.

God finally hooked me up with two other ladies to lead the Nehemiah Project for Nigeria with! We have been impulsively IMing each other all week, getting excited and hoping to meet up in real life before the 15th. Our schedules are so different and with me working 9 to 5, it's been frustrating picking a date. Will keep you guys updated

I met up with this bundle of goodness, Ore, about a week ago. Let me tell you now, he's good company and an awesome conversationalist. Plus, he's got an amazing sense of humor (1000 cool points)which inevitably means you will see his name flung around here often.

I was in school this past weekend to practise my piano and violin pieces. I haven't done that in, what, 3 months? And it took me a full hour to remember and successfully play pieces I had perfected 3 months ago. I'm hoping that I can move back to campus this week so I can get some school work done when I'm not in the office.

ANDDDD, I got a custom domain and is now! How awesome is that?! I am SO excited I can't put it in words! I love know my online space os growing and how it's allowed me to connect with awesome people like you that I probably wouldn't have met in real life. I'm thankful for you coming here to read some of my heart and for your encouraging words. On some days, they are all that keeps me going. So I am more than pleased to also announce that I'm accepting ads/sponsors on here! There are only 4 spaces open per month at these superrr affordable rates!

Please mail me directly for blog stats at ibukunakinnawo[at]gmail[dot]com. I'd be delighted to work with you!

So tell me, how has life been with you lately?

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  1. How wonderful that you found some girls to help with the Nehemiah Project. I can't wait to hear more about that!

    1. Can't wait to share with you, Susannah! x