Tuesday, 1 October 2013

On Influence conference, Independence, NPPM and other blog thoughts

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Hello everyone! Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! Pardon my not blogging yesterday. I slept in for most of Monday because I had the most ridiculous cramps ever. So grateful for my dad who stayed up for most of Sunday night to pray healing over me! I’m rested and stronger and up for a little post this lovely Independence Day morning!
I have been thinking about this online space of mine lately. Making plans, scribbling ideas, changing colors and banners and sidebar content and just generally wanting to put my very best into this
It’s been amazing how I’ve moved from just randomly blogging random thoughts to having women that inspire me guest post here to sharing spiritual insights with my readers. I feel like I have grown from the care-free blogger I used to be and I’m especially grateful for readers (like Rachel) who have been following along from the beginning and leaving me the most encouraging comments!
If you’ve been here a length of time, you’d have seen me write about the Nehemiah prayermobs which is something God has asked me to begin and lead back in May/June. I’ve been praying about it a lot lately and strongly believe that God’s ultimate plan is not for me to keep leading this alone. So I’m asking you, my friend, reading this to come head this project with me. I would love to meet with interested persons physically so if you’re in (Lagos,) Nigeria, have a strong Nehemiah kind of heart for this country and long to see change I would love to meet with you, talk with you and pray with you as we (together) try to discern God’s plan for the project next. Send mail to zoe_akin[at]live[dot]com so we can fix a date and talk specifics. (If you don’t already know about the Nehemiah Project Prayermob, click here)
I feel like I should join in on the Influence Conference recap posts because I followed every single tweet with the hashtag #Influenceconf (I might have stalker tendencies) and I was so blessed by the words of insights a couple of ladies decided to share. I’m hoping and praying that I can attend next year. Actually, I’ve started saving up for it thanks to encouragers like Candace and Holly(thanks ladies!). I dare have faith that God can and will make it happen come September next year (I cannot wait) as most of you know, I’m a simple student at University, I do not earn millions or anything even remotely fancy so I would appreciate any help that you are willing to give. :)
I want to start doing vlogs 2 Fridays in a month just talking on various topics and hoping you guys will join in the conversation. Who says we can’t have virtual dates?! Are there any topics you would like to discuss? Let me know!


  1. IBK, by now you may that I have been secretly stalking your e-journal. But I doubt if I have ever left a comment, I wonder why though. Okay truth be told, you're doing something here. And NPPM is no small thing, God bless you big! More grace, keep glowing! Oh BTW, sorry about the cramps. IKR, not funny at all!

    1. Ogeeee!
      Your encouragement means a lot. Thank you for choosing to comment this time! Hehe :)