Monday, 4 November 2013

Clarity after an hiatus + update on my experiment

You would think that with my week-long hiatus from blogging here, I'd have written Monday's post well in advance. Unfortunately, as has become the trend, I only finally settled to write this Sunday evening after getting some work done.
Let me start by saying thank you for grace and for coming on here to read a little bit of my heart. Thank you for the encouraging comments and for reading. 
This past week has been pretty full with work and me trying to work my experiment into daily life. I have found that it will be impossible to focus on one thing for the next 9 months as they are all kind of intertwined. Like I can't add at least five new things to my wardrobe this month if I don't set aside some money for it while budgeting. So there's that and I figured I'd try to weave all my experimenting into everyday living. I'm scared I'm going to mess it all up and it'll end up being less than perfect but that's fine. I'm slowly learning that are experiments are meant to be just that: experiments. They don't have to be perfect, I don't have to be in total control and I don't have to have anything all figured out.
Here's what I added to my wardrobe by the way

This past week, God has been calling me to just rest. 
In His Word
Through friends
Through experiences

He's saying like Hosea to Gomer: Come back to me with all your heart. 

I've been so busy being better and working harder and doing more that I forgot how to just be and rest in His love. I've been so busy rushing through life that I actually forgot that it's been about two years since I gave myself to God. These past two years haven't been all rosy and perfect. I've fallen. I've risen. I've tuned out God's voice. I've cried my heart out to Him but through it all, I've been pursued by Him. 
Not once did He stop loving and not once did He stop forgiving. I'm grateful for the relationship I have with Jesus and for his timely reminder to slow down. To stop trying to do everything, to stop trying to be in control and to just BE.
I will begin a new series on here in honour of my anniversary (lool) and because this post about bad girls resonated with a ton of people. I'm no expert on these things and definitely not on living for Jesus but I've been bad before and I know how tough bad girls think it is to be Christian. I would know, I talk with them everyday. In the series, I'm simply going to be vulnerable with you in this series sharing some experiences and lessons I've learned these past 2 years. I'd love for you to stick around for that. You can subscribe here (or follow on bloglovin) so you don't miss a thing!

How has life been like with you lately and (please be vulnerable with me) what has God been teaching you these days?  


  1. Welcome back B ;)

  2. Thank you for sharing! I too have been WAY.TO.BUSY!! The month of October is a roller coaster that I am glad to be off of!! I get too worked up in being so busy that I forget to see the things around me. I take more for granted than I realize! I am taking more time to focus on things that I am thankful for...and ways that I can show others the love of Christ!

  3. Yes, thank you for sharing! I must say it seems as though all of us hits our busy season, I too have been busy working just to make my ends meet. Though through this crazy Rat Race I've been living, God sped up to me to slow me down. I've learned to not focus so much on that finish line or my pace but to slow down, pause and praise. Take a moment out of your busy life, look around and give thanks for what you ALREADY have!