Monday, 18 November 2013

The bad girl's guide to studying the Bible

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Studying the Bible can be tough at first for the bad girl but it has to be done if we're going to grow spiritually and get to know God a lot better. Today I will be sharing what has worked for me these 2 years and praying it helps someone reading this.

Pray: The Bible is a treasure chest of insight. You cannot unlock it if you don't have the key to it. Now, don't be mistaken: anybody can read the Bible but not everybody is changed by it. This is not because the Bible is some "spoilt brat" that only gives wisdom to who it pleases but because some people are more open to (and receive readily) the life that it gives freely. Before you begin Bible study of any kind, pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom, revelation and insight. It doesn't have to be an eloquent or fancy prayer, just a plain honest prayer of faith.

Make notes-- and read them: I am a scribbler by nature. I like to see stuff on paper also for posterity's sake. While I study, I like to make notes in my journal of things God is teaching me through His Word. I have found that by doing this, remembering what I study every morning has been way easier than when I used to just read without making notes. Also,you can carry your notes around during your day to remind yourself of what you're learning in God's Word. Let those scribbled words come alive to you.

Discuss with others: I cannot overemphasize how important it is to have a support system called a local church! Studying the Bible with others makes it harder for you to fall asleep while reading (no, really) plus it's great to hear how a single verse can mean so many different things to different people! That almost instantly ups your zeal to study. If you haven't found a local church you want to be committed to, or your church doesn't have Bible Studies, you can start one with a couple of friends. Pick a book in the Bible you want to study or do a devotional together

Start somewhere: The Bible is a huge book. Flitting from one book to another will wear you out. I always advise new readers start reading from the New Testament. Some people advocate new readers start from the very beginning (Genesis) and some others say Psalms. In a bid to not lord my ideas over you  as the gospel, I'll simply say start from somewhere and stick with it. Don't flit. Pick a book of the Bible and sit in on it.

Your turn: what have you found helps you study the Bible better?


  1. This was helpful. Thank you <3

  2. I'm glad it was helpful!