Friday, 9 May 2014

2014 survey results and analytics + let's go on a date!

Thank God it's Friday! 
I cannot wait for the weekend to begin (even though it's just two days). Remember the survey I sent out about two weeks ago? Results are in and I'm so thankful for the people who took out time to fill it. It was great to get feedback and insight from all of you. Without further ado, here are the results:

1. 31.25% of readers are in the US, 68.75% are in Nigeria. There are a couple of people who shuttle from country to country (one between England and Nigeria and another in Ghana) 

2. 42.86% of readers find out about new posts on Twitter, 7.14% find out via Instagram, 21.43% find out from Bloglovin, 57.14% read new posts in their inbox and two people just drop by casually to see if there's anything new lol

3. When I asked for advice on improving this space, you all clearly want me to blog about music more often (I tried that on Monday this week), being completely honest and vulnerable (I'm working on this) but everyone cried for consistency more than anything. I hear you *grin*

4. 31.25% of readers always read this blog, 31.25% read it frequently, 37.50% read sometimes

5. 37.50% of readers find content here always relevant and 62.50% find it somewhat relevant. 

6. I asked, "What would you like me to blog more on this space?" here are some of the responses I got:

"Not sure really...isn't blogging a function of how you are feeling and what you would like to share? Random posts like you already do will be nice." 

"Music that helps with keeping the faith" 

 "Inspirationals, how you tackle everyday issues while still being in line with Gods word" 

 "Sharing your heart sweet one. I have a daughter that is almost 21, she is in college,she works and she has her own battles. Seeing that she isn't alone in her struggles, helps her to maintain, and helps her faith to grow." 

 "More real life struggles. Life isn't happy all the time." 

 "Relationship and poetry" "Life in general- life as a uni student or life in Lagos. I was reading someone's Nysc blog and I found it interesting so I like reading people's experiences so you could write more experiences" 

 "Whatever u do, do it from d heart. I dont care if u blog about goats or ur pet, bingo. I come to read ibukun. To know hear. And I think being intentional would ease u into the pathos realm required to connect with others. Share ur scars. Share ur joy as well. Share ur struggles. Share ur wins as well. Alright, imma leave before I start another blog post in here." 

 "Your hair journey, life, random stuff. I like just like reading your posts, and the random banter. Very refreshing." 

 "Style, fashion, the books you're reading"

7. I asked how often you would like to read new posts and 50% say once a week a best, 35.71% would love posts twice a week and the rest would like new posts everyday or three times a week. It is clear that I will go with once a week on the blog, Subscribers will get a date post on Fridays where I get to interact with them directly and discuss one-on-one (You can subscribe here if you don't want to miss out on that)

8. On books: 85.71% read Christian literature, 57.14% read motivational and self help books, 50% read biographies 42.86% read crime, 71.43% read satire/humor and 21.43% read tragedy. I love that most of you read such different genres of literature!

9. 56.25% of readers are of African descent and keep their hair natural so that explains the clamour for natural hair posts lol 25% are not African and 18% are African and choose to keep their hair relaxed. I guess it's safe to announce that I will be blogging hair stuff from now

10. Finally a whooping 87.50% of readers are women. I'm laughing right now but really there's no surprise here. Shout-out to the few gentlemen that read stuff in this space. I love you!

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What do you think about the survey results and if you didn't take the survey, feel free to leave me feedback in the comments!

Have a great weekend!

P.S I'm working on a more functional comment system soon. Blogger has refused to allow me reply comments but I read every. single. one


  1. Yay! Variety is the spice of life. Oh--- I forgot to add this: Vlogs! Vlogging, please? :)

  2. IbukunAkinnawo15 May 2014 at 12:51

    Amen to that in the nearest future. Amen to that