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How to rework your wardrobe

I've been blog friends with Maggie for awhile now and I was super glad when she agreed to bring some of her sunshine to this space. Enjoy!

I have to tell you that I was a little reluctant to write this post because, well, most people know me to be a tomboy. However, what people do not know is that I am a secret fashionista. So I thought I’d wake up one morning and whip up a style-themed post to shock their fragile hearts. But I know I'm not alone, and my hope is that by the time you read this entire post, you will be able to spend less time agonizing over your Monday – Friday Outfits.

Empty Your Closet and Take an inventory of what you own
First, let’s go over some fashion essentials we need for this project. I need you to go to your closet and tell me what you see. Your closet needs to be stocked with these 9 style pieces before you can successfully mix and match, regardless of how many containers of clothing you have.  Find these items in your closet and cross them off the list if you own them.

Casual Denim || Sweater || Jacket/Outerwear || Scarf || Blazer || Dress || Dress Pants || Belts || pantyhose/tights

Do you own just six items in the above list? It’s okay! P.S. I know underwear and bras are a must have.
Your “Omg I'm late and I don’t know what to wear” moments are partly due to clothing that you own but have never worn. There are several ways to fix this but if you are like me, you need a visual aid to help you plan your closet.

Color-coordination and organizing your wardrobe by item – sweaters together, pants together, and dresses together, etc. – will speed your outfit selection process by 100 percent. It is also a fun way to take inventory of pieces you own without taking them out.

Color Tips
This is most likely where you’re stuck. The truth is that most of us are color-phobic. Our closets are full of greys and blacks, almost scary enough to raise eyebrows. But there is nothing stopping us from wowing our peers by looking like a million bucks.
·         Denim on Denim is a fashion faux pas…unless you can balance out cool colors with warm tones.

·         Bright Colors: Play with tones in the same family if you aren't comfortable enough to go bold. Pastel/coral colors are great and can be found in the inner circle of the color wheel. They’re casual…yet chic.

·         Complement bright outfits with nude accessories: You can never go wrong with nude shoes or purses; they don’t compete with your outfits. Plus they add balance to whatever chaos you've created in your mix and match attempt.

·         For the brave, invest in colorful bottoms: They go with white tops, black tops, beige tops, peach tops, you name it. You’ll be remixing your wardrobe like P-Square in no time!

·         The golden rule: When in doubt go for black.

Tips for skirts, blazers, and Jackets

Random tip: Save on denim jackets, splurge on leather jackets. I live in one of the coldest states in the United States and I'm garbed in jackets and blazers for more than 6months in a year. No one cares what you have underneath as long as you have a quality looking jacket to make everyone swoon.
·         Is your top too big over your skirts?  Tuck them into skirts and snap on a wide belt!

·         Your top too big over your pants? Leave them out and snap on a small belt to create a silhouette!

·         Go for silk blouses to give you more of a luxurious look and feel.

·         Short Ankara skirts? Try solid, warm shirts to balance out the patterns.

Pinterest/Magazine Inspiration
Forget the hefty price tags on celebrity outfits and in magazines! Steal glamorous looks for less by keeping a fashion board on Pinterest and remixing items you own with help from professional stylists.

Plan Outfits Ahead
Even if you complete the above challenges with ease, you might find yourself staring at your closet for a solid 30 minutes on Monday morning. Plan your outfits ahead. Not only do you reduce your thinking time, you get better at mixing and matching because of the practice you put in each week!
Last Tip: Please do not pair your jeans and t-shirts on the hanger each time you arrange your closet all the time. Let your creative juices flow!

Maggielola is a Christian lifestyle blogger, worship leader, and a 10th Grade Tutor with an insatiable appetite for Asian dramas, coffee, and books!

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  1. Great tips! I agree taking an inventory of what you own is very important. All other tips are useless, if you don't know what clothes you have. Recently I've shared some tips on how to organize your closet and get the most of clothes you already know, so I'd be interested to know your opinion :)