Monday, 25 August 2014

9 amazing uses of coconut oil

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I started using coconut oil for my hair initially but when I discovered several other amazing ways I could use my jar of Trader Joe's, I haven't looked back!
I've seen two 'types' of coconut oil (so far): roasted and virgin oil. Roasted CO is almost the same colour as groundnut oil. Though a little more pricey than roasted coconut oil, virgin coconut oil is always a better bet as it is a lot less processed than roasted CO. Virgin coconut oil is clear/transparent like water and solidifies at cool temperatures. When solid, coconut oil is snow white.

Tested and proven, here are my 9 uses of coconut goodness:

Detox/oil pulling
Virgin coconut oil can be used to improve oral hygiene greatly. Swishing some coconut oil around your mouth every morning for about 20 minutes before food (and brushing) pulls toxins from the entire body and also whitens your teeth naturally. The process is called oil pulling and is an ancient Ayurveda practice. While swishing, do not swallow. When your 20 minutes are done, spit into your toilet bowl and flush. Not the sink so you don't block the pipes. (virgin coconut oil solidifies in cool temperatures)

All natural toothpaste
Baking soda and coconut oil are popular for their teeth whitening powers + zero side effects! If you're looking for a natural alternative to toothpaste, then this quick DIY is for you. Mix some coconut oil with baking soda till it is of toothpaste consistency, spread on your brush and scrub away as usual.

Eye cream/night cream
I used to think that because I have oily skin, any kind of oil would clog my pores and make me break out but I've been using coconut oil as an under eye cream and face moisturizer for about two months now and I didn't break out from it once! It's perfect for all skin types! You only need a few drops, your skin will absorb it quickly and thank you for it.

Makeup remover
If you don't fancy using it as a moisturizer, you can take your makeup off with it at night and still reap its amazing benefits! It's delicate enough to remove eye makeup and stable enough to take down all of your matte lipstick. Simply put some drops in some cotton wool and wipe away.

Face mask
This is possibly the cheapest hydrating + antibacterial face mask you'll find anywhere in the world. I use this after cleansing and exfoliating my skin Sunday nights. Mix with honey and apply to your face. Leave on for about 15/20 minutes before rinsing off.

Clean makeup brushes
Having clean makeup brushes typically means your chances of breaking out are down to almost nothing when you use them. If your skin is anything like mine, oily and sensitive, then you'll love using CO for this purpose. Coconut oil has major antibacterial properties that you need to effectively clean your brushes. Just add some to your soap and wash as usual.

Deep condition 
Yes, yes, yes to this! You can use this as a pre-shampoo treatment or for conditioning purposes after shampooing. Coconut oil helps to really lock in moisture for your thirsty strands. Add honey for extra goodness.

Body scrub 
Regular exfoliation helps remove dead cells from skin surface to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion. Coconut oil can be used as an exfoliation base. Add brown sugar or salt and scrub dead skin cells. Who says you need to spend a ton of money to get great skin?

This is easily my all-time favourite use of coconut oil! Throw out the shaving cream and use good old CO for a bump-free shaving session. Plus you get to hydrate your skin while at it. Simply slather coconut goodness on the body part you want to shave and snip away

What other ways do you use your coconut oil? Do share them with me in the comments below!


  1. I made this amazing jollof rice recently with coconut oil, it's a breeze to cook with.
    I add it occasionally to smoothies. I've also seen a deodorant recipe online before.

    I'll be sure to try one or two of your uses soon.

  2. Oh i never thought of adding it to smoothies. I should actually try cooking with it sometime. Not every time beauty. Thanks for sharing, Tomz!