Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Guest post: Vintage fashion

Stephanie reached out to me sometime last month about a collaboration and I said a quick and big yes. Hope you love vintage fashion a little more after today's post!

What I love the most about fashion is it gives me the chance to be who I want, where I want and whenever I want, to express myself and my personality with clothes and accessories.

Today, you can find vintage clothes everywhere, there are shops specialized in selling vintage clothes, there are markets selling beautiful second hand pieces and there is also the Internet where you can look at local classified ads and choose your next outfit comfortably sit at your desk. Vintage has become a very successful trend thanks to top models and actresses like Beyonce, Julia Roberts and Dita Von Teese who brought back this old fashion style making it unique and very glamourous. Who hasn't dreamed to look as classy and stylish as beautiful celebrities wearing stunning vintage clothes on the red carpet? Now you can do that too!
You can browse in your grandma’s wardrobe or in a tiny second-hand store in your city and find amazing pieces and accessories that would look perfectly good on you! Blouses, scarves, pants, dresses, bags, jewellery… everything that was in style back then is now coming back and for even more original and creative opportunities! Vintage is special, chic and cheap… that is why people love it!

In Nigeria, vintage fashion is a must and there are a lot of fashion stylists, bloggers and celebrities who inspire women to choose and wear vintage in their life, for special occasions or in their everyday routine. If you want to look for Nigerian vintage clothes, look for, one of the greatest fashion designers in the country who has become famous with her “Aye Atijo” line of clothing and accessories, which are inspired by the 40s and the Victorian era, with a twist of modernity. If you are looking for inspiration, also take a look at the first vintage clothing and accessories boutique in Nigeria: and there is all you need to know on how to dress vintage and look amazing!

But vintage fashion is not only for those who love clothes and looking trendy. Vintage has also increased the interest in environmental sustainability, teaching people that clothes and objects that are no longer in fashion should not be thrown away, but can be recycled and repaired or ever reused to make a new item of clothing, giving it a new more contemporary look or used to make a new garment.

Stephanie was born in Abuja where she also completed her Communication and Media Studies degree at the University of Abuja. Stephanie is currently exploring Europe on a scholarship. She is also a freelance writer and a passionate traveller.

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