Monday, 18 August 2014

How to be healthy in Lagos without breaking the bank

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I never used to care about diet, fitness or exercise until my third year at Uni. As long as my jeans fit and as long as I had something (anything, really) in my stomach I was fine. But I really wasn't.

I was constantly having nasty breakouts, feeling bloated and insecure about my body. It's been about about a year since I started taking the effort to care for my body and I'm beyond glad I did. I no longer breakout and though I still wear the same clothes size, I'm a lot more confident about my body, healthier and a lot more flexible! My biggest fear about choosing the fit and healthy lifestyle was that I would have to spend a ton of money but it turns out that it costs just about the same to not care for your body. So today's post is for people who don't exactly have a ton of money to invest in fitness but want to take better care of their bodies. Here's all the stuff that have worked for me:

I have salads at SUB cafeteria (in UNILAG) for breakfast or lunch and it only costs me 500 naira. They make the richest vegetable salads on campus and I typically do this on my workout days. If you do not live around Akoka, the good news is you can make your own salad! You can get all the ingredients you need at Oasis Supermarket in Ikeja, Indian supermarket in Ilupeju, Mile 12 market, L'Epicerie in VI, Shoprite (mainland or island) or Ebeano market. There are some pretty amazing salad recipes here 

Bananas, apples, pineapples and oranges are easily my favourite fruits because they are cheap and accessible on UNILAG campus. When I want to indulge or go all out with, say, watermelons, flax seeds, chia seeds, lettuce and kale, I get them in smoothies that you can order from So Fresh Neighborhood Market in Ikoyi. You can get a pretty decent and rich cup of smoothie for 800 naira. (Psst! I'm giving away some of their products and you can enter to win here)

On most days, I go for Wilson's Lemonade which supports healthy weight loss and rids the body of toxins. The awesome thing about Wilson's is it's homemade (made from freshly squeezed lemons) and only cost 100 naira per bottle!

I signed up at my school gym in June for 2,000 naira. I get 3 hours aerobics classes every week and 3 hours cardio, strength-training workout sessions every week. If there isn't a gym membership that cheap in your neighbourhood, you can buy, watch exercise DVDs in the comfort of your home or watch Youtube videos for guidance.
On non-workout days, I do yoga in my room for about 20 minutes and/or do a 5km run in the mornings. The Runtastic app is a great running buddy! It helps count calories burned, how far I have run as well as other exercise statistics. The best thing about it is it that it is absolutely free.

Your body becomes dehydrated long before you begin to feel thirsty. There is no one amount of water everyone should drink per day so this water intake calculator comes in helpful. Your skin and body will thank you immensely. Ditch the drawer of skincare products and weight loss pills, water does the job way better and is also cheaper and more accessible.

Do you have any questions? Or more helpful healthy tips? Do share in the comment box below!


  1. I don't consider the advice here particularly affordable o; smoothie and salad.

  2. Hey Hafiz!
    That's why there are other options. I can't afford to buy a smoothie or salad out, so I make them when I can. So say you don't want to spend the extra cash, just DIY it at home :)

  3. Dera Uzoaku Okeke3 September 2014 at 07:19

    thanks for your advice..pls how and where can i get the wilsons lemonade

  4. Hey Dera!

    You can get Wilson's lemonade on unilag campus if you are around Unilag. Unfortunately I haven't seen it anywhere else. Here's their email ad and phone number, I'm sure they can find a distributor close to you: 08062402350

  5. True! I LOVE SMOOTHIES! Green smoothies especially. And it is highly affordable when you make them yourself.

    E.G - I call this my Power smoothie.

    100 naira pineapples + #100 lettuce + #70 Cucumber + a piece of #100 ginger(its about 4 pieces for 100 naira) + a spoon of sesame (a whole supreme spice bottle is #250) + Water (or half #250 canned coconut milk sometimes) ....makes me 3 cups of smoothie. That is less that #200 per cup. A lot of the junks we eat costs way more than that.

    And there's tons of ways to spice things up.

  6. I loved that you put out your recipe and the costs! So good and so affoardable. Thank you for sharing!