Friday, 29 August 2014

What I'm Into (August 2014)

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This year is going by so fast, it's kind of scary. Kind of. But on most days I like it. This month I worked with my first two brands, So Fresh and Wilson's that I love and personally believe in. I'm hoping this will continue in September and I only endorse brands that are passionate about whatever it is they do.

On to other things, here's what I've been up to this month:

Beauty and skincare

I've been obsessed with coconut oil a lot lately and I shared the 9 beauty-related ways I use it. Also, I think vampy and nude lipsticks are amazing, dark skin or not. My everyday lip candy has been Maybelline Color Sensation in Fuschia Flash. It's not too much but just perfect.


I haven't had a lot of time (or interest, really) to read this month. I've been trudging through Brennan Manning's The Ragamuffin Gospel. It's an easy non-fiction read about redemption but I've been lazy and I think my mind needs fiction. The Vacationers has been on my radar and will probably be the next thing I read.

Personal style

I started shopping on ASOS this month and I was glad I got the stuff I ordered after two failed attempts in the past. This gorgeous pair of six inches will be in September's style post! Can't wait!


Everything on Bethel Music's You Make Me Brave album is amazing. So I absolutely had to have Steff Gretzinger's The Undoing album. Her voice is supple, super soothing and her lyrics are gems to musical ears. Audrey Assad's song, Humble, is another great find. I fell in love with Rihanna's Shut up and drive again. Don't judge me.

Things I love(d)

  • Whipping out red lipstick and hanging out with my sister

  • Clear blue water, skies, sunny Sunday afternoons and belly-deep laughter with my church worship team members

  • An afrobeat music concert my church had at Freedom Park. I danced so hard it almost didnt matter how ridiculous I looked haha
  • My first yoga class with other people! 45 minutes of awesomeness with like-minded women. Bonus joy: our instructor was super hot 

  • Having photos of me taken by the amazing, Niyi Okeowo. I may or may not be a tumblr sensation because of this photo. Can't wait to share all the photos with you

In the blogosphere

Bloglovin is a major sin trap. On the up side, I wouldn't have found these posts without it

On the blog

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What have you been loving lately? Music, food, makeup, whatever it is share with me in the comments below!


  1. cassandra ikegbune29 August 2014 at 14:18

    I love that picture of you by niyi! That yoga thing is so cool

  2. Love the shoessss!! Iwant. Plus you owe me a pool date fa! *rme*

  3. Yoga class--yes! I was a little paranoid before I went to my first yoga class because I didn't want people looking at me in awkward positions, lol. It wasn't so bad, though, and I had a great instructor who encouraged us at whatever level we were at.
    Also--your photo is stunning! Love the expression and the light and color.
    {visiting from Leigh Kramer's linkup!} :)

  4. Did you go back after the first time? Thankfully at my first yoga class, I was already doing yoga on my own so it wasn't so weird lool. Thank you for dropping by, Naomi!

  5. Hay and we don't now wear the same shoe size. Our pool date will happen ;)

  6. It is! Thanks for dropping by, Cassie

  7. Yup, I kept going for a little while, and then also went to one at a gym where we had a membership. Now I do it at home here and there, but it's pretty noncommittal, ha.

  8. I'm scared of what will happen to me if I start using bloglovin.....

  9. haha! I think Bloglovin baits only women (not to sound sexist or anything but I doubt you'd want to read about nail polish, makeup and personal style)

  10. Hi Ibukun how can one contact you apart from your blog?

  11. Hey Chinyere! You can send me mail ibukunakinnawo[at]gmail[dot]com

  12. Great pictures!! I love those wedges you got from ASOS. That's one my favorite websites to shop from. Love your post :)

    XoXo Shea L. --------->