Friday, 12 September 2014

I covet thee

I recently found The Beauty Boon, and I've been poring through their site ever since! Everything I'm craving this week is on it so the title of this post seemed just right

I'm so over wearing foundation everyday of my life. Some days, I really just want to slather a tinted moisturizer on that works just as well and takes less time to apply. My eyes are on this E.L.F bb cream .

Then this Maybelline mascara looks all kinds of pretty and I'm running out of mascara so I figured I'd try something new

I recently started trying my hands at contouring and highlighting shenanigans. It's pretty fun and I want to do it a little more in the future. I'm choosing to build my highlighting and contouring empire with this real techniques brush in the prettiest pink.

There's not much better than a good night's rest after a long day. This bubbly bottle of sleepy goodness? Yasssss

I've had my eye out for an exfoliating cleanser that has gycolic acid in it and is also budget friendly. I found it in this Black Opal cleanser which also just happens to contain squalene. As predicted, I'm over the moon with joy!

What's on your to-buy list this week? I'd love for you to share with me in the comments!

Have a restful weekend and don't forget to subscribe! xo


  1. Actually, this month I got Iman pressed powder, Maybelline colossal Kajal, Gel eyeliner and Davis double color lip pencil.

    So next month, I'm getting LA girls HD concealer, Jordana lip color pencils and Truth of the earth aloe vera gel.

  2. I was JUST thinking about the LA Girl HD Concealer today! I hear it's pretty good as a highlighter

  3. I logged on to the site and I'm already hooked. lemme see what I'm gonna get......

  4. I'd love to know what you eventually pick!