Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday dates: Meet and greet

Hey guys!

Yesterday along with five other bloggers, I shared two of my best beauty buys on Kunmi's blog! You can read the feature here.

On to today's business:

Friday dates used to be a subscriber-only party but it hit me today that more is always merrier. As inspired by the awesome Allison, I'll be asking 5 questions, answering them and throwing them right back at you!

1. What do you do to relax?
2. What have you been listening to lately?
3. What's the website you visit everyday or almost everyday? And why?
4. Introvert, ambivert or extrovert?
5. What would you like to see more of on this space?

1. I curl up in my bed and sleep for as long as humanly possible. Yass. Or sometimes, read a book and have some wine.
2. My love for Switchfoot's More Than Fine has been rekindled lately. I've also been listening to Wizkid and Reminisce's Eleniyan (old but good).
3. Bloglovin. I love finding out what my favorite bloggers have been up to and discovering new, interesting blogs.
4. Ambivert. Definitely.
5. Leaving this one out for you to answer!

I'd love to meet you! Leave me a reply in the comments!


  1. Damilola Akinyemi7 November 2014 at 03:45

    1. I read a book or watch some series.
    2. Timi Dakolo's iyawo mi. Seantizzle's perfect marriage is on my mind!
    3.Linda ikeji's blog: I like to keep up with Nigerian news
    4. Introvert.
    5. First time on the blog soooo...I dunno yet.

  2. 1. Read, cook, watch sporting events.
    2. Elevation Worship
    3. The Blaze - they don't slant news stories
    4. Extrovert, but I'm more comfortable being introverted.
    5. I wouldn't change a thing on this blog page! :-)

  3. Timi Dakolo's Iyawo Mi is a jam and a half. Sean Tizzle's song is slowly growing on me too seeing as it's a roommate's favorite.

    Glad you're here!

  4. you are literally the best, George! Yes to Elevation worship

  5. You are too kind. Thank you!

  6. David I. Adeleke9 November 2014 at 08:54

    1. I read or watch a tv show.
    2. Asa's songs.
    3. Twitter and gmail. To keep in touch with trends and organize work details.
    4. Extrovert.
    5. I like it the way it is.

  7. 1. Just like you I sleep for as long as humanly possible or watch Tv till I fall asleep
    2. Perfect gentleman -Sean tizzle|| Asa- Dead again just because ^.^
    4. Introvert
    5. Not one thing! Loveet!!

  8. It's weird that I still haven't listened to Asa's new album! Is it any good?

  9. Okay you're the second person whose been listening to Asa on here. I have to see what the hype is about. Your new blog design is so pretty by the way

  10. 1. Pinterest!!! Reading, TV/movies and music

    2. William McDowell. Christon Gray.

    3. Pinterest-Just a cool place to find a lot of different things. Anything and everything you could want to look for, make, cook, bake, sew, style, write, etc. It's my new search engine lol

    4. Introvert trying to break out of my shell

    5. Well, I'm new to blogging and I'm a Nigerian born in the states so I'm just thrilled to see Nigerian bloggers out there doing it. Awesome!

  11. Ah I love Pinterest! Someone recommended two Christon Gray songs to me recently but I'm not quite sure how I feel about any of them yet.
    Do you have a blog? You could leave me a link if you do, I'd like to read some of your stuff!

  12. 1. I sleep or watch Yoruba films on Youtube and read blogs.
    2. I've been listening to Asa's new album- Bed of Stone. Ibukun, the album is quite nice. You should check it out.
    3. Bellanaija- just to see what's going on in the world
    4. I think I'm an ambivert
    5. Maybe posts about life at uni- your experiences at uni

  13. I started visiting BN in the mornings so I can keep up with what's going on in the world tooo. I'm almost done with Uni so there may not be much to blog about. Except for a survival guide, maybe. Thanks for the Asa recommendation!

  14. Yes, I literally just started my blog last Monday so I only have 1 post. But I've been finding inspiration every where and can't wait to post my next one!

    & yea Christon Gray was a little iffy to me. Someone told me he was a christian artist but I honestly don't know lol

  15. 1. What do you do to relax?
    2. What have you been listening to lately?
    3. What's the website you visit everyday or almost everyday? And why?
    4. Introvert, ambivert or extrovert?
    5. What would you like to see more of on this space

    1. Photography, Video Games and the gym
    2. I have been listening to the track Waves by Mr. Probz
    3., I want to improve on its images and bring back my vision
    4. Extrovert, iTHINK
    5. It looks good so far

  16. I just visited your blog. There's only one post there BUT i love yur voice already! I'm your newest Bloglovin and Pinterest follower. xx

  17. You are so pretty.\