Friday, 28 November 2014

Friday dates: meeting people off the internet

Hey guys!
How did your week go?! Mine was pretty easy (I'm done with exams) and I am currently recovering from a night out with some of my roommates

Yup, sometimes I blog on my yoga mat

I had so much fun chatting with some of you at our last date and I'm excited to do it again today! I'll ask five questions as conversation starters, answer them then throw the questions right back at you so we can have a party in the comments.

1. What surprises people about you when they meet for the first time?
2. How do you feel about meeting people off the internet in real life?
3. Are you now good friends with anyone you met off the internet? Tell me how it happened!
4. How would you describe your online persona?
5. Describe the last time you met someone off the internet for the first time? 

1. People usually expect me to be cute and quiet but in reality, I always have something to say. It may be awkward, silly or deep but I always always have something to say haha

2. I'm pretttyyy awkward. I instantly feel exposed when people walk up to me to say they recognize me (oh this doesn't happen often by the way). When I see people I know off Twitter, for example, I VERY CLUMSY walk up to them to say hi.

3. Oh yes! 4 out of the, oh I dunno, 5 friends I have now I met off the internet. It almost always starts with a direct message and a plan to meet. I've been lucky but I've also had bad experiences.

4. I would say: put-together. I'm pretty put-together online and I strive to be like that in real life. Can I just say that I'm failing so far, hence the title of this blog *grin*

5. It was just this past Sunday at church. I saw Sabirah and Oyekola (this really cute couple on Twitter) sitting a couple of seats away from me. I almost didn't but I was so stinking happy to see them I walked up to them and said hi. They are just as pleasant in real life as they are online. Also, they met on Twitter 3 years ago. How cool is that?

Okay, your turn! Let's chat in the comments!


  1. 1. When I meet people for the first time, they usually say Oh, I expected you to be shorter or smaller. Some have also said they expected me to be chubbier (while also being shorter or smaller) <-hm.

    2.I'm okay with meeting people off the internet- if I see you in public, I'll say hi. If we're at an event I'd go to on my own, great- but I'm not keen on things like twitter awards (yes, those were a thing a few years ago) or say something like the Twitter Premier League.

    3.Good friends in the true sense of the word, no. But for the most part of last year, I dated someone I met off the internet (two years before that) and we are on good terms.

    4. My online persona is the same as my real life persona, but to someone who isn't close to me IRL I could be louder, more abrasive and much less politically correct than they'd expect. (yep, I'm quiet around people until I know them better but when we're cool, I talk their ears off. Like you, I always have something to say! lol )

    5. Last Saturday, at NITC9, I met a number of friends from twitter, and the blogosphere. It was pretty nice, and not awkward at all.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Bahaha! Shorter and chubbier tho *smh* humans. I was so sad I couldnt make NITC9 last weekend because of exams. Everyone says they had fun meeting up with new folk. Hope you have a good weekend! Xx

  3. cassandra ikegbune28 November 2014 at 09:10

    I really want to answer all this but too lazy to type so much :( so I'll jumble it up .
    I've made good friends off the internet, from mentions to DM to bbm to realm life paddies. Lol
    I think people expect me to be short or something because they always go on about how I'm so tall. Bleh
    Meeting people off the internet is nice but I'm so darn shy sometimes and I get tongue tied for a bit before I realize I should try and be social too.
    My online persona. Ehrrm. Definitely not controversial share

    Okay okay.

  4. 1. I believe my sarcasm surprises people. I don't think I type my humor as well as I speak it.
    2. I love seeing the person in person and seeing how they match up with all their posed selfies.
    3. Yes, I met a woman off of a blog and she has come to visit the area and go to church with me. I've met a lot of people at my old job who came because of internet conversations also.
    4. I really try to be a light to the world for Christ whether online or in person. Online is a little easier as I can filter my thoughts, but I'm getting better in person too.
    5. Last weekend I got to see an old friend and meet his wife for the second time. It was the first time we spent significant time around each other, but we have kept up with each other online for a few years now.

  5. p.s. Hopefully one day I get to meet and hang out with you!

  6. Haha I know the struggle to type especially on a phone. Well you look really tall in your photos, it would be weird to expect anything less. Can't wait to meet you so we can be shy and awkward together. :D

  7. I totally get what you mean about being able to filter your thoughts better online than in person! That happens to me too. Thank God for the internet!

  8. That would be nice! xx

  9. I can't tell you how many times I've typed something and felt the Holy Spirit tug me and say, "who does that help?" I'm so thankful technology gives me that extra little time to remember Who I represent. I love your practical!

  10. 1. I'm not sure, I guess it depends, but I can be quite chatty.
    2. I'm open to it but I'm quite protective of my "space" so I usually keep a little distance before letting people in.
    3. Hahaha as you know, I'm married to a man I met on twitter :). But I have about 3 very good friends I met off the internet.
    4. Bubbly, like me
    5. At our wedding! Someone came from America to celebrate with us, and it felt so natural like we had known each other forever :)

    It was lovely meeting you and I love your blog, we share lots of similar interests!
    p.s. His name is Oyekola :)

  11. Someone flew down for your wedding?! That is so kind/sweet!
    I don't know how it is that I thought his name was Kayode. Corrected it now *facepalm*

  12. Thank you for stopping by!