Thursday, 13 November 2014

I need your help

Maria, a couple of other friends and I would sit somewhere close to the lagoon during our first year at Uni and we would sing our hearts out. Guitar strumming, sometimes there was an audience and other times there wasn't any but it was fine because we were singing and we were happy. We were never ashamed to openly admit, however, that Maria has one of the most luxurious voices we've ever had. I'm not sure it was soprano because she could sing low notes with ease. Not sure she was alto either because she sang the high notes with grace. Maria was just plain good and she looked forward to finishing Uni and singing professionally.

It's been almost four years since Maria and I got together to sing and a lot has changed. For one, she welcomed two of the most beautiful baby boys in this world 6 months ago. I had thought she would have her babies, tend to them herself for the first 2 months then return to school like some of my other coursemates but I began to see less and less of her till I saw none of her at all. I found out only a few weeks ago that one of Maria's lovelies, Taiwo Adegoke, has a hole in his baby heart. The doctors say he needs to be flown out to India for surgery and it'll cost about 3 million naira. It's a lot of money and his parents still haven't been able to come up with it.

Will you help?

There's no donation too small and none too large. The Adegokes will take all the love, prayers, encouragement and money that they can right now. Taiwo is currently receiving pre-surgery treatment at Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

To donate: First Bank, account number: 3046778928, name: Egunjobi Maria Olawunmi. To make cash donations, call 08108665793, 08037897468

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