Monday, 3 November 2014

My favorite Nigerian bloggers

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It's always refreshing to see young Nigerians doing amazing things in the blogosphere. I know a ton of people who complain about how bloggers pretty much regurgitate gossip on their websites so I figured today I'd shine a light on those who consistently post interesting original content.
Consistent bloggers with an eye for quality will always have my heart and these are the first six that come to mind (I'd love to discover more so feel free to leave links in the comment section).

1. Sade (In my sunday best)
I've been following Sade for awhile now but I think the moment I fell in love with her was when she introduced me to the amazing Tanya Davis. Sade has an amazing sense of style and has the prettiest photos in all her posts. If we lived in the same country, I would be the crazy stalker lady that appeared in all her photos. Did I mention she has really gorgeous natural hair? She does.

Favorite post: How to be alone
Perfect for: lovers of vintage clothing, natural hair, photography, London

2. Afam (The ramblings of a madman)
Afam is about the only male Nigerian blogger in my Bloglovin feed. He blogs about his life mostly and has the most likeable 'About me' page I've seen on the interwebs in recent times. There's something about his writing style that makes a sister think of ocean waves and Friday night shenanigans with my sister.

Favorite post: Who is Afam?
Perfect for: lovers of Lagos living, tequila shots, words

3. Toyin (The soho sister)
Toyin could wear an old sack of rice and make it look really good. No jokes. I found her through my friend, Niyi's Instagram, and have been following her ever since. Her blog is the minimalist blogger's eyecandy. She talks fashion, food, a couple of her favorite spots in Lagos you may want to explore. Visit her blog and watch yourself unconsciously bookmark everything.

Favorite post: Somewhere being a hippie
Perfect for: Lagos adventure seekers, fashionistas, lovers of words

4. Cassie (Cassie Daves)
This girl was my first blogger crush. I love her unapologetic online presence and sense of style. Cassandra writes some poetry, lovingly shares poems she's been reading lately, modelling in Lagos and, of course, blogs about her style. Though she's a medical student and part time model, her blog is a cozy couch for non-doctors and non-models

Favorite post: Vested
Perfect for:  lovers of words, fashion

5. Dodos (I am Dodos)
When it comes to makeup and personal style, Dodos is my spirit animal. Dodos is a makeup artist so that pretty much explains her forever flawless face. She throws really simple clothing items and maakes them stylish and sometimes edgy.

Favorite post: Simple everyday makeup
Perfect for: makeup and fashion amateurs/enthusiasts

6. Tosin (Africanismcosmopolitan)
This girl says it how it is. Tosin's faith in God is probably the thing I admire the most about her. Her flawlessly achieved winged eyeliner would be the second thing. She makes cooking look fun, makes easy-to-replicate makeup tutorials and shares other random but interesting stuff on her youtube channel.

Favorite post: Logos corner V
Perfect for: people looking to grow their faith in God, makeup lovers, Nigerian cuisine lovers, beauty and style vloggers.

I'm always looking for new and interesting Nigerian blogs to read so please drop your links in the comment section below!


  1. Love these guys
    You're so right about Toyin. She can make anything work!
    Dodos is new to me though. Going to check her out now :)

  2. Her blog is relatively new but she's doing great stuff! Thank you for dropping by

  3. Thank you so much for this Ibukun! Such kind words, i really appreciate it! Have a lovely week :) <3

  4. you're welcome! Have a great week!

  5. I love Sade and Cassie already. Will totally check out the rest

  6. You should! Thank you for dropping by!