Monday, 24 November 2014

Such a lady

Most of you probably didn't notice but last week's posts were scheduled because my final exams were last week and I was too busy being sleep-deprived to actually write out a post straight up and hit publish.


I'm almost officially done with university. Just need to make adjustments to my project, turn it in and defend it. All that will happen this week so I'm not exactly out of the woods yet.

In more interesting news, everyone meet Tunde Mason, my new blog photographer. You will be seeing his name thrown around here often and maybe even a photo of him if I ever manage to get behind the camera.

I got the skirt I'm wearing in this post from a really neat Lagos-based skirt company, Twenty Six. I realised sometime last month that my wardrobe will eventually have to contain other things apart from tank tops and skinny jeans so this skirt was a welcome addition. Hope you love the photos!

Oh ignore my failed bantu knot-out hair thing

Crop top: TOPSHOP
Skirt: Twenty Six
Clutch: ASOS
Shoes: Bumper

All photos by TK Mason


  1. cassandra ikegbune24 November 2014 at 12:53

    Haa this themaseface dude takes awesome pictures!!!!
    Lovely. I'm also trying to make adjustments in my wardrobe too and talked a bit about it in my new post

  2. Aww you look so so Lovely Ibukun!!!
    Love the 6th photo so much I'm going to pin it!!

    Themaseface takes amazing photos o, I've seen his photos for other bloggers as well
    I won't mind him taking photos for me sha [hint !! ;)]

  3. Yes! Tunde is amazing. I read your post about your obsession with vintage stuff. I'd love to see new additions to your wardrobe when you decide to adjust it. as per style inspiration and tinz :D

  4. Thank you girllllllllll! You should contact him. He's good peoples.

  5. Love the print of the skirt, you look really good. The knot out is cute actually