Friday, 23 January 2015

Yoga for beginners

I began yoga almost a year ago and I have to say it has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. First I had my fears about the spiritual implications then I asked my pastor a couple of questions, prayed about it and wrote this post.

A couple of readers and people I know in real life have asked me questions relating to yoga. Like how to start, what it involves, etc. So that's what I will be sharing with you this gorgeous Friday!

You will need:

1. An exercise mat
2. Exercise pants or shorts
3. Sports bra
4. Tank top (optional)
5. Time

You most definitely do not need:

1. To worry about if your weight will prevent you from doing yoga. You do not need to be stick thin to do yoga.

You should set some time aside everyday for yoga. 10-20 minutes the first few months could do wonders for your body. Take slow, deep breaths and sustain each pose for 5 breaths.

Mountain pose
This pose is as simple as it looks. Just stand up straight, look straight ahead, inhale deeply as you raise both hands above your head. For a "deeper" stretch lean back a little with face looking up. Relax your muscles and let your head hang as loosely as possible. Hold this pose for 5 breaths

Tree pose

Try to make sure that whichever foot you have on the floor is firmly planted but do not grip the floor with your toenails, please. Place one foot on the other knee as seen above and take five deep breaths, place your foot gently on the floor then do this pose with other foot.

Warrior 1 pose

Start by spreading your legs wide, forming some sort of triangle between your legs and the rest of your body then turn your torso to either the left or right side (depending on where you want to start) and lean forward. Take your first deep breath and raise both hands above your head. You can either look straight ahead or look up at your hands. Take 5 deep breaths. Turn in the opposite direction (if you started from the left, switch to right)and repeat, also taking in five breaths

Warrior 2 pose
Spread your legs wide then depending on which leg you want to start with, lean forward till your lower body looks what's pictured above. Spread both arms. Take five deep breaths. Change directions and repeat pose

Butterfly pose

Move to sitting position. Put your feet together and draw them as close to your body as possible. Hold both feet with your hands as seen, keep your back straight (no slouching), look straight ahead and flap your legs like your flapping wings slowly. Take five deep breaths while you do this.

Child's pose

Start from kneeling position with your knees spread a little. Then bring your feet together side by side flat on the mat. Stretch your hands out in front of you and look downward at the mat. Take five deep breaths.

Corpse pose

This is the last pose and you can maintain this position for as long as you want. If not, just take 5 deep breaths and roll up your mat.

How did your first yoga session go? If you have any more questions, let me know!


  1. Well it has been a good experience for me since I started doing yoga. Ma body feels amazing, my mind feels good.

  2. I have been trying to comment on your blog for sometime now,but the comment section isn't always there, it just miraculously appeared now,thank God. I really needed this post,pls continue posting more of this.thanks.

  3. That's amazing! Thank you for dropping by Pharida and I hope you stick around!

  4. Hey Joshua! No I don't, unfortunately

  5. I'm so sorry about the comment system, Chetachi. I'm trying to improve it and make it a lot easier to access. You can reach me by email if you want and subscribe so you don't miss anything new. Hope you had an amazing weekend!

  6. Okay...thanks...nice one...keep it up

  7. I've always thought Yoga was a complicated process
    Thanks for these simple guide Ibukun!

  8. Hello there…well first all I want to write thank you so much for this post. Yoga is a good source by which one can take care of its body properly. I am not a beginner but still this post is very useful for me too.