Wednesday, 14 January 2015

You asked and I answered! (Reader survey results)

Hello people!

I figured a great way to start this year's blog posting is to answer all your questions in my last survey and share things I found out.:

90% readers are female, the rest are male
45% have been reading this blog for 3-6 months, the rest have been reading for longer periods
76% love my personal style posts, closely followed by faith related posts, life updates and beauty related posts
Most readers find out about new posts via Bloglovin and Twitter. 

Thank you to everyone who filled out, told me a little about themselves and shared what they learned this past year. You really helped me gain a little perspective on what you would like to see more of on here.

Q1: What's your muse?
I typically rely heavily on blogs in my Bloglovin feed. I love to discover titles that make people want to read the article itself.  So Bloglovin helps me do that. Personal experiences, books that I read and very often, the music I listen to inspires a lot of what you read here. I want my blog to be the best it can be, so I draw inspiration from my favorite bloggers and then some.

Q2: I would love to know how you do it. You sound like you have a really awesome and put together life
Your comment made me smile. Thank you! I think the one thing that I do is remember I can't do it all. It make me cry a little sometimes, other times I laugh and deal with it. I'd just say: write everything down in a little to-do book in order of priority every morning. It helps you focus on the most important things

Q3:Why did you choose blogging?
I like to express myself through as many creative outlets as I can. Blogging is just something that comes naturally to me and it's something that I thoroughly enjoy doing.

Q4: How do you balance it all, your schedule and all. Basically tips you've gotten so far from blogging
I started blogging in Uni and I would write up my blogposts in my free time. Typically Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Then schedule them for the following week. When it comes to blogging. I've learned that sometimes you'll have nothing to write about, when this happens, let your tribe of readers know. And try not to disappear for a long period of time, if you still have nothing to blog after your hiatus, invite guest bloggers over. Also, persistence is key. Sometimes you may feel like no one is reading and want to give up. Do it because you love it. It will pay off eventually.

Q5: Do you keep big secrets or are you comfortable being vulnerable?
I do keep a lot to myself, really. I try to be open but I'm not an open book.

Q6: How do you find inspiration for your posts, organize and write them effectively?
I read a lot of blogs that I consider similar to mine. So I get most of my inspiration from them. Sometimes ideas just drop in my head for blogposts and I write them down so I don't forget. When I'm ready to write, I set aside a couple of hours to write, send out emails to subscribers and schedule social media updates. I typically post twice a week. You can do more or less depending on time and consistency.

Q7: How do you balance blogging and still live life?
When it seems like a chore, I don't force myself to blog and churn out bad content. I always leave blogging till my free time.

Q8: I want to start practising yoga. More on yoga?
I'll be writing about this on the blog this month so stay tuned!

If you have any questions to ask me about blogging, life, work or anything else, leave me a comment or send me mail ibukunakinnawo[at]gmail[dot]com.

Have a great week!


  1. I'm proud to be among the 10 percent. ;)

  2. Thank you for being here, G!

  3. I saw the survey on my first day here, didn't know much about the blog so i didn't take the survey. 2015 is a new year i'll be here all the time