Sunday, 8 March 2015

Full makeup tutorial for dark skin girls

I would like for you all to ignore my unreal eyebrows and focus on the big picture. I promise to step up my game and do an actual eyebrow tutorial but please for now focus on the big picture haha

Everyday I typically skip a lot of steps. This tutorial is perfect for a really special occasion. I'm just going to safely assume that not everyone is into contouring and highlighting so I didn't do that here. 
If you would like a tutorial for that let me know!

1. Prime your face you begin. It'll help extend the wear of your makeup

2. Start filling in your eyebrows starting from the middle towards the outer parts of your face. Don't start from the "beginning" of your brow. You can use a pencil or gel

3. Brush them again and gently spread the colour towards the inner corners of your brows. Try not to use a heavy hand or you'll end up with the error that is my right brow

4. Then grab your concealer and outline your eyebrows. start outlining from the middle of your brow (never from the inner corner) and extend outward. Also outline below your eyebrows.

5. Blend out any harsh lines with another brush so your brows don't look like they were glued on your face with concealer.

6. Apply eyeshadow primer to both lids. You can use your finger to spread the primer or a brush (if you have one to spare)

7. Apply an earthy eyeshadow color (think the color of clay) very lightly in the space between the primer and your brow bone (not your actual brow). Your eyeshadow should be matte and not shimmery to avoid looking like a circus.

8. Then apply golden brown shadow to the area you applied eyeshadow primer

9. Apply eyeliner. I used gel but you can use liquid or pencil depending on how steady your hand is. Shade your liner in small flicks then tilt upward a little when you reach the outer corner of your eye to create a cute cat eye

10. You're done with the eye area now apply foundation all over your face then apply powder that is your exact shade

11. Finally apply your lipstick then smile for the camera (or give an awkward halfsmile like I'm doing here)

Any thoughts, questions? Let me know!

Items used:
32 piece brush set from the 5kshop
Nicka K eyeshadow palette (I got this at Poise, Ikeja City Mall)
e.l.f eyeshadow primer
House of Tara oil free face primer
Mary Kay foundation in bronze 607
Classic pressed powder
Sleek Pout Paint in Pinkini
Gel eyeliner 

All photos by TK Mason

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