About Ibukun

Ibukun Akinnawo is the woman-child behind this blog. Ibukun just got her first degree in Western Classical Music and she's pretty excited about that! Ibukun really wants you to know that everyday she's in need of grace and takes all she can. She likes to think she has a social life but she really is a homebody in love with yoga, lazy mornings and good coffee. Sometimes she has her moments and dances away Friday nights in six-inch heels with her sister -- but not as often as her boss thinks she should. 

Ibukun used to model then life happened and she gained weight so these days she shows off her almost non-existent personal style here and owns a ton of makeup. 

Ibukun dreams about blogging fulltime, writing a couple of memoirs, being wife to a walking box of dark chocolate, mom to a handful of babies and a woman who lives like Jesus.

She really is your typical awkward girl next door so don't be scared to say hi or offer her a glass of wine.

Ibukun currently curates content for websites but is available for freelance editing work. If you would love her to fix your manuscript, send mail to ibukunakinnawo{at}gmail{dot}com

To sponsor this blog, have Ibukun review your product, advertise your website/brand or collaborate in some other way, send mail to ibukunakinnawo{at}gmail{dot}com.

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  1. Hello, Just nominated you for the Gratitude Challenge. Please check my blog for details

  2. I actually just took time out to read your about page and I love it !
    Very well written.